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ZetaTalk: Cover-Up

Written December 11, 2010

One would assume that the Puppermaster does indeed plan to support higher visibility of ZT and Nancy, per the Zetas and the current media posturing around Pole Shift related issues. Once things start to break open with 7 of 10 Quakes, PX visibility and validation of ZT predictions, will there still be a push for things like Chemtrails, PX topic blacklisting in media, "intimidation" of those in the know, etc.. by the "middle men" as the Zetas call them, or will they at that time resign themselves to "hide in their bunkers then"? How long will we have to fight against their disinfo and intimidation after things really start to break open? Agree that everybody or at least as many as possible should have knowledge and be able to make their own choices.

Will the cover-up intensify or weaken after the 7 of 10 and with more media exposure for the ZetaTalk message? It will do both. We have stated that those in charge of the cover-up are gripped in fear at the thought of the public becoming aware of their role, and coming after them for it. NASA's explanations for what is seen in the skies will become more inventive. They will get increased media coverage too. Their fear will be palpable, very evident, and their message shrill. Geologists will be mustered forth to talk about climate change and geological change over the eons, with the phrase "millions of years ago" thrown around frequently. When Planet X and its components becomes more visible in the skies, the reaction of those fogging up the skies with chemtrails is likely to be more fogging, at least at first. At the same time, those among the elite fearing panic in the public, or a backlash over the cover-up, will be increasingly heading for their bunkers. Thus the cover-up will lose strength, and eventually chemtrails will no longer be funded and NASA will prefer to close shop rather than defend its stance.

Written January 1, 2011

The Zetas have mentioned that the cover-up is a fragile thing, with many in the know and these numbers growing daily. As the Earth changes leading up to the pole shift itself are obviously spaced out over an extended timeline of some type, is it not 100% obvious to those in charge that events such as the sinking of Indonesia and South American roll will fatally damage the cover-up and by extension those in charge of it? Why would the Elite not get behind a disclosure program and identify a set of scapegoats to dump public rage on? This would allow them to still at least try to maintain some semblance of control. I am not suggesting that this strategy would work as there are significant unknowns in play still obviously, but given how the elite typically operate it would seem to me that they would want to try to maintain their version of "spin" and thus at least a perception of control?

What makes you think that scapegoats have not already been chosen? This is typically the first thought among those perpetrating a fraud - who to blame when it all comes down. The statement that there is no honor among thieves alludes to this. The police regularly get criminals to turn on one another by promising an easier path for the one who chooses to save themselves at the expense of their former partners. We have mentioned that NASA will likely be one of the first scapegoats, as in order to have their job, to be employed at NASA, they had to sign national security oaths. Anything deemed likely to cause a public panic, such as the alien presence and UFOs buzzing the ISS or the presence of Planet X were to be denied. NASA of course will point to these oaths when defending themselves, which they eventually will do when the heat gets too hot.

Those in government who insisted that the public not know will point to various think-tank studies and surveys. The War of the Worlds radio broadcast, which showed the public in a panic when they thought the broadcast was real, fearful of an alien invasion. The CIA conclave of scientists and professionals which concluded that the public could not handle shocking information. All so self serving, but on record nonetheless. When the governments of the world, heads of state, are questioned they will point to the Bush/Cheney meeting in France in the Fall of 2003, ostensibly to mend fences but as we pointed out, in reality to talk about Second Sun sightings and their import. It would all pass, with only high tides and a few earthquakes, and public panic was the real enemy, or so they were told. Who were they to question the great US, who seemed to be dominating the world and certainly were dominating the world with their military presence.

Finger pointing will be circular, with whomever is questioned blaming some one else. The many who were involved in the cover-up, such as weathermen who were told to stop talking about all the records being broken, or members of FEMA ordered to plan for the worse while keeping the public in the dark, will assert they were following orders from a boss. The blame will go up the line to the top, to people who cannot be questioned and certainly not readily removed from their positions. Members of Congress informed about the presence of Planet X while presenting an appearance of business as usual on the concerns of government will state they were briefed incorrectly, and those giving the briefings will loudly deny this, a case of he-said/she-said. The Executive Branch will point to the many laws they are bound to follow, blaming Congress for lack of action. It will be endless, the circular finger pointing.

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