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ZetaTalk: Hawaii

Written November 27, 2010

How do the Hawaiian Islands fare during the 7/10 events?

There will be tsunami generated from the great quakes on Japan's North Island during the 7 of 10 scenarios, but these will not strike Hawaii with an immense tsunami. Given the tsunami warning system in the Pacific, this should not take the residents by surprise nor create great devastation. As we have stated, tsunami tend to go around the Hawaii Islands, as there is great latitude to move to the side in the great Pacific, the opposite of tidal bore where water finds itself in a compressed situation with no escape but up. As we have stated, the tsunami generated due to the quakes on Japan's South Island will go against Japan, not across the Pacific. Additionally, the swamping of Victoria on the island of Vancouver is anticipated to be due to jostling water in the straits due to a domino effect from the jolts in the plates across the Pacific, not due to a tsunami. Where the 7 of 10 is not expected to generate severe tsunami for the Pacific Rim, the 8 of 10 has not been detailed as yet beyond the mention of continuous plate movement in some areas. Since the Pacific will be shortening, it goes without saying that there will be tsunami included in the 8 of 10, as we detailed for Puget Sound recently.

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