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ZetaTalk: Repeat Tsunami

Written July 3, 2010

I would say that the coastlines would be pulled down slightly during the adjustment (meaning all the Atlantic coastlines) but of course the effects of the tsunami will make this adjustment meaningless as who cares if the land has dropped by a couple of feet when there's a 200-300ft tsunami heading your way! Also surmising - the Zetas say that when we are at an 8 out of 10, the adjustments described for the 7/10 events will be happening more continuously one after the other (as per the Iraq prediction) so it is also logical to say that the Atlantic will adjust more than once before the end weeks, meaning more tsunamis, but that the first adjustment/tsunami will be the worst, due to the effect of rock fingers breaking off so after the first adjustment, later adjustments will occur without as much pressure having to build up beforehand. Also that these 7/10 events signal the start of the Zetas prediction that coastlines will become uninhabitable as all the 7/10 adjustments will probably affect the coastlines/oceans to some degree. (beforehand the prediction of the coastlines becoming uninhabitable seemed to be linked more to higher tides and increased storms but, as always stated, they were holding much information in abeyance to stop it being used against the populace.) Would you agree?

Was our statement that the coastlines of some areas would become uninhabitable prior to the pole shift in regards to the European tsunami and potential repeated hits? This and other coastlines will become uninhabitable because of storms from the sea. The coastlines that have been scoured clean of buildings because of the European tsunami will not be resettled, and not just because of insurance issues. There will be repeated tsunamis, though not as large as the initial one we have described, but enough to keep the populace fearful of a repeat. The severe wobble will also create tides that will assault coastlines in predictable places. Follow where the ocean currents go today, and exacerbate them to get an idea of what areas might be hit. This is not altogether a curse, but a blessing, as residents on those coastlines will have moved inland prior to the pole shift, For them, a life saving manoeuvre.

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