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ZetaTalk: Continuous Plate Movement

Written September 11, 2010

The Moscow underground - how much it is reliable? Destruction of stations before shift is expected? [and from another] To get a sense of what to expect, in general:
1-With this ongoing flooding in Pakistan, that Zetas confirmed is due to Indo-Australian plate starting to drop, did we move to a 7? Or is it not yet the event from Nancy's vision, "a significant subduction of India"?
2-We know 7 is Plate Movement, and 8 is Continuous plate movement. Would it be correct to suggest that 8 of 10 corresponds with "months before the pole shift" with its Devastated Cities and "emergency management teams exhausted"? What will plates and earthquakes do after 7 and 8, during the last weeks?

We have stated that the 7 of 10 will "shock the world", and this has not yet happened. Each scenario included in the holographic presentation was the final outcome of a plate movement, not every minor quake or adjustment in sea level elevation along the way! We have stated that the 8 of 10 will involve continuous plate movement in some locations, but declined to detail further and for good reason. We cannot get the public to connect with our description of the pole shift, in the main, as they abstract it and do not process the description emotionally. After the 7 of 10 episodes have occurred, we will have your attention, and then we can give details on what is coming next. Of course the Moscow underground housing the trains will not be standing all the way until the pole shift! This is an example of someone not absorbing our descriptions of the last weeks, when the Earth will be moaning constantly and quakes will likewise be almost constant, everywhere.

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