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ZetaTalk: White Brotherhood
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The White Brotherhood is not from another world, but is a group of psychics supported by various governments of the world, covertly. The White Brotherhood, as it is currently, adopted a name that already had name recognition. This has been a long running fraud, whose purpose is to influence the populace of the world into believing matters that are not true. It is a disinformation campaign, claiming connection with Ashtar though Ashtar had nothing to do with it.

It is a well known fact that telepathy exists between human beings, outside of any influence from aliens from outer space. All life, even plants, share this ability to some degree, as it is related to the flow of communications between living cells. Where there is life, there is the potential to receive a flow of communications from another, and to sympathize with another's flow, and to therefore get inside another, so to speak. When humans are in telepathic communication with each other the communication flow between the brain cells of the one create a pulsing aura of sorts, which expands outward for many hundreds of miles. Getting in tune with this communication aura so as to be in a telepathic conversation involves tuning one's own communication aura to be in sync with the other. Once done, their minds can travel down parallel paths, the listener in parallel with the one listened to. This also has a reverse mechanism, as once this parallel communication is in place, the listener can interject.

It is by this means that the White Brotherhood operates. They are assisted in this with information given to them by the governments they work for. They are even moved physically close to their target human, to maximize the potential for contact. They are given personal information about their target, so as to line their thinking up with what might be in the thoughts of that person. When they have made contact, so to speak, and verified this to their satisfaction by receiving information from the target that confirms they are thinking in parallel with the target, they set to work. First the White Brotherhood interjects a thought, in conversational mode. For maximum effect, the thought is surrounded by visual imagery and emotion, so the thought will impact much of the target's brain and get the target's attention. Then they listen. If the target indicates, by thoughts, that it has received the message and is aware of this, then the White Brotherhood sends another message, and on it goes.

The message the White Brotherhood wishes to extend is that the aliens are not to be trusted. They do not differentiate, but spread suspicion about all aliens. They do this by themselves asserting they are aliens, and making the target human uneasy. What it takes to make the target human uneasy varies, as each person is different. Since they have information on the target, are close physically to the target for easy listening, and can get inside the target's head for endless hours of snooping, they soon figure out what it will take to make the target nervous. They send a very personalized message. The message will be packaged differently for each target, and thus the understanding one target receives may not coincide with what another target receives. If the concepts being relayed are not personally distressing to the target, they will refer to the White Brotherhood as a pleasant experience. If, however, the target resents the concepts being relayed, a battle of wills may result and the experience reported as unpleasant.

What is the goal of all this? It is to keep the world for humans, in the control of mankind, or more specifically in the control of the current establishment. Since the pace of the Awakening is determined to some degree by the fear and anxiety of the populace, they hope to keep the level of fear and anxiety at a very high level. They therefore target authors, journalists, speakers, and others who have the potential of influencing large numbers of others. We are able to tell you of this fraud, as there are not currently any Service-to-Self oriented aliens involved, although this has been the case in the past, particularly at the inception of the concept of the White Brotherhood. Were this otherwise, and were there to be Service-to-Self oriented aliens involved, we would be restrained from divulging this information by the Rules of Engagement.

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