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crop circles
ZetaTalk: Crop Circles

Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

Humans have always stood in awe of Crop Circles as you can be assured this is not the first era where they have been prevalent. They speak to the subconscious, which sees the patterns and senses their meaning, and the conscious hasn't a clue. What is their meaning? Crop Circles are telling you, in a universal language, of coming events, and we are speaking here not only of physical events, such as the pending pole shift, but spiritual as well. In the past these simple but eloquent messages were left, with increasing frequency and urgency, leading up to the shift. This time, because of the Transformation, there is more than one message to relay. What are these messages, and why not simply speak them, or leave written word? Well, of course contactees are receiving these messages, face- to-face, but what about the rest of the world. Crop Circle creation is managed by a group of aliens that cannot participate in the Earth's Transformation in any other manner, as they are a life form that lives in the water, and thus their ships are filled with the atmosphere that they breath - water. Thus, this is how they serve.

Observers have noted that Crop Circles seem to appear almost instantaneously. They blink, and then notice that something is different in the vista before them. By what process is this accomplished? If space ships are landing and impressing the ground, then the time seems too short. If rays of energy or a force field are involved, all this passes the notice of the observers. Crop Circle creation does not require a landed ship or physical force. The grain lies flat because the structure of the stems has been altered, one side of the stem rapidly growing in a process which is the reverse of what occurs when growing plants bend toward the light. This growth spurt occurs low to the ground, the particular ray, like laser surgery, focused there. The swirls are created due to the circular motion of the affecting ray, which circles like the hand of a clock, dropping the grain stalks such that they fall almost simultaneously.

Are Crop Circles more effective than words? Absolutely. They register in many parts of the brain, and tell the story with greater depth. A picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols are used to relay astronomical occurrences, effects of one planetary body on another, motion and direction, pace, change, and for those who have sensed their meaning, they also relay ratios and relative force. Stand before these pictures and let your subconscious speak to you, and see the forest and the sky, rather than the trees. Are not the patterns being presented in increasing complexity, in step with your Earth's internal response to her approaching brother? Crop Circles began with a simple circle, stating that the Earth is unruffled in her orbit. Then dual circles and rings, relaying the approaching interaction between the Earth and her brother, the 12th Planet. The rings, of course, are the influence of gravitational pull, increasing. Long lines connecting circles - does the 12th Planet, acting as a comet, not have an approach? Peripheral circles - the other planets in your Solar System, or in the wider system that comprises the 12th Planet's journey.

And what of the Scorpion Tail, the connected and curving series of dots? Does not the comet travel with an entourage of minor moons? As the giant comet dominates with its gravitational field, the moons are not pulled into conflict regarding their place. They trail after their traveling master, like little ducklings in a row. Would not the 12th Planet's moons circle, as do moons humans are familiar with? Where the orbiting motion of moons is assumed to be due to a balance between the centrifugal force of the moon and attraction to the home planet, there are other variables. The orbiting moons are in motion because they are reaching for the Sun and other planets, like a twirling dancer forever undecided on a partner.

The helix, misinterpreted by many to be a DNA strand, is a pictorial representation of the Earth's rotation and the manner in which it begins to align with the rotation of the approaching 12th Planet. As we have explained, the Earth's rotation is caused by the motion of elements in the Earth's core attempting to escape or approach influences in the wider solar system. The Earth's rotation is already slowing, a fact noted by your scientists and various excuses already published in the media. To those who would disbelieve that the 12th Planet's influence could be that strong from afar, we point to the delicacy of many matters in nature. The Earth's normal rotation is a careful balance taking into account all the factors in the solar system and beyond. It takes but a feather to trip the scales when they are perfectly balanced, and the 12th Planet's influence on the Earth from afar acts in this manner.

The ball of overlapping circles, all touching an inner circle, is meant to convey a new phenomenon occurring on Earth, preparing those who see it for the manifestation of this phenomenon. The Earth's magnetic field currently curves far out in space, so that on the surface of the Earth a compass almost always points north. Increasingly, as the Earth's swirling core is pushed to line up in opposition to the magnetic field of the approaching 12th Planet, it will send out minor magnetic fields that do not point due north, but wrap back into the Earth in the manner portrayed by the overlapping circles.

Crop Circles present an opportunity to understand, at a glance, the decade ahead. As the pole shift approaches, they will present an accurate weather prediction, a guide to family affairs, a time table for settling matters and preparing for the future, the truest touchstone that mankind will be given. Visit them often, if only in picture form, and let the message soak in.

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