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ZetaTalk: CSETI
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996

CSETI is an organization fronting for the establishment, not at all what it claims to be. Under the guise of seeking contact with extraterrestrials, and supposedly succeeding, they hope to accomplish the following objectives:

When CSETI did not have the success they hoped for with their earlier campaigns, they changed tactics. The populace virtually ignored them in their me-first contact escapades, so they gave this up almost entirely and switched to a pro-active role in the Awakening process. CSETI openly challenged the legality of MJ12's operating procedure, which made good press but will amount to nothing. In fact, since MJ12's charter allows them to take the life of anyone breaking their oath to MJ12, there will be no volunteers who are genuine MJ12 members. Nevertheless, this tack has stirred interest in the possibility of a secret government existing, and to this end is beneficial.

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