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ZetaTalk: Capitalism
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding capitalism, with its arguments that the whole benefits from the avarice and greed of the few. Proponents point to the United States or other western civilizations as proof of the theory. Where in truth there are the wealthy, as there always are in every civilization, nevertheless poverty still reigns for the masses. Is your United States any different, in truth? How many citizens are starving on the streets, in increasing numbers? How many tiny school children sit with hollow eyes because their bellies are cramping in an insistent demand for the breakfast they never seem to get? How many families try to make moldy, bug ridden quarters cheerful, with not much more than a plucked dandelion or two. Children playing in the mud because this is their only toy. This is Capitalism's outcome. In point of fact, these statistics would be a thousand times worse if Capitalism were allowed to run full course. It is held in check by your laws.

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