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ZetaTalk: Repressed Emotions
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The smooth surface of calm waters can be deceptive. She or he appears so serene, so calm, their feathers never ruffled. Then one day there is an explosion, and murder and mayhem ensue, or else suicide. Perhaps it would have been better to have a bit less serenity, and to have been closer to the truth. Why do humans repress their emotions, and how is this possible? Do all intelligent species do so? Humans have a genetic capacity for repressed emotions that is not present throughout the Universe. Few intelligent species have this capacity, and it arises only when genetic engineering has created this confusion. Repressed emotions do not occur naturally, during evolution. Then how did this come about, in humans?

Originally all species on the planet Earth were reptilian, and this is a common form throughout the Universe. Mammals and the hominoid form are relatively rare, but are desired due to their capacity for intense empathy, their caring emotions. On worlds where mammals have evolved, they are the genetic engineering species of choice, even where reptiles may in fact be more intelligent at the time. This was the case on the Earth, and genetic engineering of mammals proceeded at an early age. However, because the majority of genetic engineering is done by reptilian species, being in the majority in the Universe, at some points the genetic engineering to be done on Earth was done by reptilians. They naturally inserted what they deemed important.

The ability to repress emotions comes from the fact that humans have several brains - the forebrain, which is mammalian, the midbrain, which is a mixture of the mammal and reptile, and the early brain, which is reptilian. When humans wish to remember all, they record the information in all their brains, although the information may vary in the different data banks. When humans wish to forget, they disconnect the memory chains between their forebrain and the other brains, and amnesia ensues. The midbrain, being the go-between, is responsible for keeping it all straight, and does so responsibly. Were this not so, humans would not have functioned well enough to have survived and flourished.

The memory or awareness of various emotions is not crucial to survival, and in fact has assisted only somewhat during civilized times. Blind rage erupting during the day can get one fired or exiled, and thus the ability to repress emotions has been, if anything, selected for propagation. Those who could not repress appropriately were repelled from the tribe or city, and did not fare well enough to propagate their genes. However, in the future, during 4th Density Service-to-Others, this propensity will be genetically engineered out. There are no secrets in 4th Density Service-to-Others, not even from oneself.

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