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ZetaTalk: Suicide
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

We, the Zetas, believe in the right to suicide. Whose life is it, anyway? Suicide has been given a bad name in human societies, by association. The mad man, convinced he has committed crimes in fact not done, destroys his good life. A waste. In fact, this seldom happens, and is much more dramatized in fiction than occurs in fact. Most suicide is undertaken after much agonizing and debate. Most suicide is undertaken when life is truly intolerable, because of never ending pain or because the life circumstances cannot and will not change and are emotionally and mentally intolerable. The humans have cast about for years, seeking solutions, and none are to be found. They are in agony, and wish release. Most suicides do not even hamper others, but are seen as a relief. At last, the others no longer need participate as spectators in the agony. The tortured is at rest.

Why is this so resisted in human society? It is the control factor, the concept that one's life is not one's own. Organized religion, and controlling establishments, view the human populace as their herds. The herds cannot escape their bounds, and must resign themselves to their lot. Contemplating escape is not allowed, lest the herds begin to expand their horizons. Therefore, there is no escape. Pay your dues, work hard every day, pay homage, and obey. This is the theme. Suicide angers the religious elite and the establishment elite because it represents an escape. For no other reason.

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