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ZetaTalk: Getting High
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996

The desire to forget one's troubles, experience more intense sexual pleasure, or boost one's sense of confidence, via recreational or even prescription drugs, is not unique to the human animal. Such urges are intrinsic to all life, as why would they not be? Does not the turtle, feeling the warmth of the Sun's rays, linger longer in that spot? Does not the amoebae, feeling the burn of a caustic, shrink back? Does not the Beta female in a wolf pack, having an opportunity to break away and become the Alpha female of her own pack, take this opportunity in preference to being in second place?

The fuss over recreational drugs and alcoholic excesses is not the desire to use, it's the lack of control. Were everyone to stop at two drinks a day, AA would not exist. Were everyone smoking dope to be of age and not returning to work or driving or operating dangerous machinery or lecturing school children afterwards, who would care? Were cocaine not addictive and intensely destructive to unborn fetuses and even fatal, during an overdose, why would anyone be concerned? Does society cast rules regulating how many calories can be consumed, even when obesity kills and might be considered to be giving children the wrong message? Why is overeating exempt, and smoking dope not? The crux of the matter is control, as society does not care if its members are miserable or quietly killing themselves, as long as they don't make a fuss or a mess. Getting high makes a mess. The drunk drives on the wrong side of the road and picks fights with strangers. The pot head fails school and ignores his responsibilities. The crack user breaks and enters in order to afford his habit, and if he is a she, delivers terribly damaged babies to be cared for by the state. Messy.

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, in line with our 4th Density lessons, routinely avoid mind altering substances, as this avoids, rather than addresses, the issue. If one is in pain, the individual is not alone in seeking relief, as all are concerned that this be so. If one lacks confidence, they are given encouragement and offers of assistance. Avoiding problems does not resolve them. Humans, in their 3rd Density existence, find many of their problems intractable, and to be borne in silent agony. It is this that is the driver behind excesses of drug and alcohol use, and this is what should be addressed as a solution.

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