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ZetaTalk: Denial
Note: writen during the September 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

As matters heat up, the earth changes becoming obvious, affecting jobs and hitting the nightly news increasingly after a long period of being suppressed, many who mulled over the issues and debated them logically will cease to do so. This is a matter of being personally overwhelmed, of being unable to see a route to safety, of being unable to imagine life after the expected impact. The mind boggles into a state of panic, and the only route is continued panic or denial. Denial is used extensively in human society, more than the average human would expect.

Just as some humans will go into denial when matters heat up, others will come forth. There are those who are in the background, mulling over the issues, who will find their voice and courage when the issues become pressing. The hero, emerging.

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