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ZetaTalk: Dangers in Shifting
Note: written Sep 15, 1995

Most incarnated entities experience a density shift once, when moving to the next higher density during a Transformation. But those busily at work trying to effect the process or outcome of a Transformation may experience repeated density shifts as they move into the lower density for conferences with the transforming group and back up again to their accustomed density. Such is the situation with ourselves as we are normally in 4th Density, living nearby in undersea installations, but move into 3rd Density to continue the hybrid program or confer with our contactees - almost a daily affair. Does all this density shifting take its toll? Yes and no, depending on the circumstances. There are dangers, and thus our status as volunteers during these transformational endeavors carries with it the classification of hazardous duty.

What are the dangers? First and foremost there is a danger of not making a complete transition, of being partly left behind. This can happen when the coordinates are not set properly, a matter we attend to with the utmost care. These coordinates are essentially boundaries, but boundaries are defined as more than the periphery. Boundaries include chemical composition, molecular structure, and connectedness. A simple example of a chemical composition boundary would be moving acidic material but leaving behind inert or alkaloid material. A simple example of a molecular structure boundary would be leaving behind radioactive material in a slag heap but moving all else. A simple example of a connectedness boundary would be moving all of a table but leaving behind the chairs, floor, and table cloth.

Density shifting dangers are usually encountered early on in an entity's experience with such matters, and leave a memory not soon forgotten. The true stories about the Philadelphia Experiment and the fictional movie The Fly are not far from the horror that can happen when the necessary knowledge or proper care are not in place. We take care not to touch one another or our contactees during the shift. We take care to include all parts of the object to be moved within the boundaries. We have a series of overlapping and redundant computerized and manual checks and balances that make the safely of the shift virtually fail-safe.

There are positive aspects to the ability to set partial boundaries, however. This is the mechanism by which we will leave behind tapeworms, mosquitoes, and many viral or bacterial diseases when the shift to 4th Density occurs during the Earth's Transformation. Markers peculiar to these living organisms will simply not be included within the boundaries.

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