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ZetaTalk: Aborted Entities
Note: written Dec 15, 1995

Does it happen that an incarnation in an intelligent species does not result in a forming entity? Most definitely, and this happens frequently in the early stages. The spark is not lit, and after death dissipation occurs. Souls spark or do not, and mostly do not in a virgin incarnation. The stuff of souls gathers in a conscious being, because it finds the environment interesting. Some formation occurs, during the incarnation, but if the life has not been challenging then it has not massed, and is prone to dissipation upon the death of the human. This essential abortion is not due to any action on the part of the birthing envoys, who are there to gather what emerges, but rather to lack of action having taken place within the body. Thus, those aliens assisting will be gathering the solid souls, who do not dissipate, and taking them to new incarnations. Once formed, however, entities do not dissipate. Failure to form is due to a lazy or indolent lifestyle, lack of native intelligence, or lack of stimulation. In this regard, the challenging, stressful life is a benefit, rather than a drawback.

Challenge can be viewed as puzzled to be solved, or very emotional situations, or situations requiring much determination. Thus, a child crippled, determined to continue his role in the group, will be working a challenge, a puzzle, that requires mental work as well as emotional accompaniment. At times, a soul sparks in a virgin incarnation when the human is old, is longing to help young mothers and their infants but barely able to do so because of infirmity. At other times, as in the crippled child, the opportunity for sparking comes early, and strengthens throughout the life. As we have stated, being born beautiful, and having a life without cares, is not the strongest motivator for spiritual growth! Incarnations into crippled or afflicted bodies indeed happens even during 4th Density, and is not avoided at all, as such an incarnation is viewed not only to be an assist, on occasion, to the entity but an opportunity for those about him.

Helping others to spark, or develop into Service-to-Other, is a challenge such that the Spirit Guides are busy. Those humans wishing to assist others in their spiritual development are advised to not help everyone out with their problems, let them devise a solution. Also, focus on the interesting part of the challenge, not always bemoaning what has befallen. Focus on the overall well-being of the group or environment, the assist that the new one has made, to instill pride and motivation. The stuff of souls congeals in conscious beings as it is interesting. It is more an issue of attraction to an environment. The stuff of souls has this innate nature, to begin with. Souls have the mental capacity the human brain does, and more. It does not forget! And it thus can think and decide, indeed does so and argues at times with the human incarnated.

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