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ZetaTalk: Intuitive Pets
Note: written Apr 15, 1996

Pets are often the first to signal that a haunting is about to begin. Hair up or feathers fluffed, a defensive stance or perhaps a frantic flight or attempt to hide. They are the harbinger of a discarnate entity, who often is harboring an angry agenda. Likewise tales abound about devoted pets, almost invariably dogs, exhibiting grief shortly after their master has expired. The howling dog, at a distance from the death watch, who somehow knows that his master has left. Pets are not more sensitive than humans, they simply give credence to their awareness of the spirits around them. Animals do not have the brain divisions that humans do, and thus see aliens when they are present. If the humans in their presence are not alarmed, they calm down, and we likewise have ways of calming them if they are about to attack. Humans, wanting to stay grounded and to appear level headed, will discount their sense that they are not alone when spirits are about or their sense of being lonelier when spirits have departed. Pets, however, have no such concerns about keeping up appearances, so express their perceptions openly - intuition!

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