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Crowded Incarnations
Note: written Apr 15, 1997

 On worlds where incarnations are beginning to repeat, where entities have sparked due to incarnating into intelligent species and are re-incarnating again and again, crowded incarnations seldom happen as there is a plenitude of bodies for the entities to incarnate into. However, in a situation such as the Earth is due to experience, where the majority of bodies will die suddenly leaving the formerly incarnated entities without opportunities, chaos can and does ensue. Crowded incarnations are very temporary. For instance during the forthcoming pole shift this potential may exist for several months. The normal procedure where immature entities are gathered upon death of their body and amused or otherwise occupied until the next incarnation can be arranged is difficult due to the numbers, so at times these entities roam about and try to arrange their own incarnations. One of four possible outcomes ensue:

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