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ZetaTalk: Soul Senses
Note: written Jul 15, 1997

Humans are used to thinking of the senses as merely sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell - five senses. A sixth sense is attributed to all other hunches, and is variously described as being supported by ESP or intuition. The human body alone has many other senses, and the soul surpasses any given body it happens to incarnate in its reach. The Spirit/Body or Spirit/Mind connection is a mystery to us, also. We understand that the soul can bridge all densities, so that we in 4th Density can speak to a soul in a 3rd Density contactee, effortlessly. We understand that the soul enjoys incarnations, infuses the physical body entirely, and seems to have a heart and mind function as does the physical body. But the composition of the soul, the stuff of souls, is not something we experiment with, or dissect. Thus, we can't tell you how this occurs.

The sense of sight, which humans presume is centered only in the eyes, in fact can occur on the surface of the skin, as experiences of the blind attest. Light rays striking any living surface can be sensed and sorted out. The sense of sound likewise can be experienced outside of the ear, as vibrations. Taste and touch share similarities, as they are immediate reactions to chemicals affecting the living surface. Touch breaks down into many aspects, including pressure sensing. Senses not mentioned are the sense of balance, where relationship to the gravity center is sensed, the sense of motion, related to the sense of balance, and the sense of being ill, where the humans senses that all is not right with the body. We have mentioned only those senses that the common man can readily relate to, not the myriad that in fact exist. Between the soul and its surroundings, there are many touch points. Thus even though the soul does not actually have eyes, it can see!

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