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ZetaTalk: Genetic Engineering
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

Life evolves toward 3rd and 4th Density naturally, in the Universe, only more slowly than if assisted. There is no more difference in seeded worlds than unseeded worlds, than there is in babies conceived in test tubes vs. naturally and by accident. This only speeds the process, and results in more souls, sooner. The reason for interest in seeding worlds, and in essence parenting new souls, is no different than a human parent wanting to nurture. One is allowed great scope for empathy, in being not only a Birthing Guide but a Spirit Guide, as both functions help the young soul toward paths one would hope for them. The Birthing Guides help to steer toward an incarnation that will assist learning. The Spirit Guides are on hand during the incarnation to assist with questions, times of doubt and need for counseling.

Most entities in higher densities do not assist thus with 3rd Density worlds, but some have specialized in this. Thus, it is a matter of choice, in the Service-to-Other entity, where it can be of service, and some chose this direction. Human parents want children for many reasons. They want company, status, someone to interact with them and look up to them. They want helping hands on the farm, someone to carry on the family name or business, or because they are expected to produce offspring else be considered lacking in some regard. Humans thus presume a number of motives in aliens that are genetically engineering a 3rd Density life form. They presume all the motives they are familiar with. However, genetic engineering is done by Service-to-Other groups, under tight control and direction by the Council of Worlds. Thus, they are Service-to-Other motives, exclusively.

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