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ZetaTalk: Missing Link
Note: written Feb 15, 2002

What mankind calls the Missing Link will not be located as genetic engineering often took place in tiny labs, islands where those being engineered would not escape and breed with species or individuals not selected for breeding. If one wants to develop a line of thoroughbred horses, one does not have the mares running lose. One keeps them in fields, introduces the stallion of choice, and subsequently selects offspring of choice for the next round. Bluntly speaking, when one is trying to increase the IQ of an ape, and does not wish to spend eternity on a world doing so, one takes such steps. Thus, leaps, or missing links, are often on islands that may have been washed over by great waves during subsequent cataclysms, or even gone under the waves and be ocean bottom now. Just where those islands might be, is irrelevant to man now, as he has more challenges than he will be able to handle at this time with the forthcoming pole shift.

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