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ZetaTalk: Earth's First
Note: written Feb 15, 2002

On Earth, the species that evolved first to be close to this level were reptilian. They were engineered, gained intelligence to the level of mankind today, but did not have the dexterity that hominoids do. It is often speculated that these intelligent reptiles were small dinosaurs. In fact, they were amphibious, as the Earth had earlier been a water planet, before its crash where its wound in the Pacific occurred. Thus, they did not have the arms and fingers and toes that many lizards have. They did not have the means to create technology, as they could not manipulate their environment They had fins, long bodies, and very little else. The remnants today, live in places on Earth, within cavities that have water ways, and we decline to describe this further. Their selection as 3rd Density species was based on their native intelligence, and the socialization they had already developed, just as the ape was deemed a good predecessor for these same reasons. The societies they had developed were deemed appropriate for 3rd Density life.

There are many 3rd Density worlds where the social arena is the dominant spiritual development arena. Who can influence who, who is friends with whom, who can punish whom, etc. This is not all that different from manís experiences, except that mankind distracts himself with technology. He plays with things, if frustrated with social interaction. Where things cannot be a distraction, these reptiles simply went off for a swim, just as man goes off for a walk. Man is used to thinking of talking and writing, as well as body language. But most species with social interaction have many means of communication. Even birds and insects communicate with each other. It is not so much the complexity of the message as the meaning behind it, not often misunderstood. A dog can exhibit affection by licking or disgorging food to its young, and exhibit hostility and rejection by a snarl. Whether this is clothed in lots of words or not, the message is clear. Choices for Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self thus are many, regardless of the ability to record complex communications.

This reptilian race was susceptible to the same factors that created a great dieoff among the dinosaurs, and floundered in poor health. It became apparent that the continuance of this species was not sustainable, as the susceptibility was inherent in their DNA and would be hard to counter. Thus, their engineers turned to consider other species, which eventually became man. Mammals had resistance that the reptiles did not. Therefore, mankind is not the first intelligent species to evolve or be assisted in evolution on Earth. As we have stated, worlds are often used repeatedly for 3rd Density existence. Indeed, just as humans today have souls that were at one time incarnated in the giant hominoids formerly visiting Earth, and just as Star Children are incarnated on Earth, so souls that had to move on to new bodies during this time, the reptilian dieoff, moved into Early Man. There is a strong desire of young souls to remain in place, familiar places, but primary because they have unfinished agendas. Just as young souls may linger between incarnations and haunt, as ghosts, in a similar manner, they will want to reincarnate in the area. This tendency lasts often through much of 4th Density, a long plateau, so does not die quickly.

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