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ZetaTalk: Spark
Note: written Jun 15, 2002

Unsparked souls are fuzzy, aware of themselves as separate entities from other humans or animals, but basically dazed and wandering about, gap mouthed. They are taking it all in, as the first passage, the first tour, the first time visiting a place. Unless some matter occurs to spark a soul, such as empathy for another in distress and a choice to sacrifice comfort of the self to assist the other, no sparking occurs. A lazy life, lived in a local indolent with simple tasks, or taken out by early childhood illness, will not spark. There is a greater percentage of unsparked souls in those continents or locales where life is a simple struggle, not industrialized, not in high communication with other cultures. Thus, Third World countries have a higher percentage of unsparked souls. Thus, rural areas have a higher percentage of unsparked souls that urban areas. Thus, the corridors of power almost invariably have older souls, as this is deemed a high impact zone, given to high drama for choices.

As Earth is hominoid inhabited, the obvious choice of a Star Child background to assist developing souls on Earth would be hominoid. However, the entire gamut of past life forms are found. The reason is that it is the determination of the entity, the skill set, the past roles they have played well, the strong desire to make a difference, that determines the choices of which volunteers to allow first incarnation opportunities. Star Children are found in all walks, but most often where existing incarnations are undecided, or they can support the Transformation. Thus, they would be unlikely to go into a primitive village, inhabited mostly by unsparked souls. Sparking is not caused by others, and thus their entire incarnation as a Star Child would be wasted. But if in a combat zone, of sorts, combat of orientation decisions and opportunities, their presence would make a difference. Supporting humans, terran born souls, in significant of high impact activities is regarded as a primary mission for Star Children. Thus, there are many in the corridors of power and politics around the world, and in the fields were assisting starvation or suffering are the focus.

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