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Two companies in commercial hydroponics differ in their approach. American Hydroculture supposedly uses "new" hydroponics technics that Archer Daniels Midland does not. Take a look at the quoted yields of the two companies. Very disparate. American Hydroculture states:

We can grow vegetables in half the time of conventional farming on 1/200th of the land using 1/400th of the water - and at prices in line with produce from traditional farming. .. Future Farm announced today that it has begun construction on three new state-of-the-art greenhouses on its Palm City property. ... The growing facility will expand from its current 3,600 square feet .. allowing production monthly of 24,000 heads of bibb lettuce, 72,000 pounds of tomatoes and 45,000 pounds of peppers.

Archer Daniels Midland’s are much more believable. In addition, Archer Daniels Midland is a $5 billion dollar company doing this since 1981. Not committing to the latest technology is very unlike this company. In either case, the yields once you know what you're doing are very impressive! You can feed a lot of people!

Offered by John.