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TOPIC: Vital Earth

Earthworms are an excellent source of protein, reportedly 82% protein. As noted in a recent Comic Strip by Judd Winick, for many this might require an attitude adjustment. Worms have always been only one step away in the human Food Chain via birds and fish and in the case of Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maoris, and some areas of China they are a direct food source. The essential oil of Earthworms is Omega 3. Earthworms can be given a Water Purge, but Cleaning and Rinsing are necessary. Earthworm Powder can be a handy food additive, and many Recipes exist for the cleansed meat. Earthworms are Easy to Grow, per Mother Earth articles, and don't suffer from fungus, bacterial, or viral infections. They Multiply Rapidly, are Efficient, but production is assisted by proper Feeding, and Harvesting techniques, and Tips. Avoid these Missteps. Growing earthworms and Composting for soil are synergistic, but avoid the High Heat that a compost pile can generate. Earthworms can be called up by a process known as Grunting. Vital Earth provides and delivers a complete system that includes

  • a growing system
  • a safe long-distance delivery system
  • an end use application system for organic fertilizer production