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Control and Use

When Kudzu takes down a house, does the weight build up and break up the house or do the roots pry it apart or is it still intact but just completely covered as the pictures show. I suspect over time a combination of all of the above. I believe covering is the primary effect then root damage then finally weight. After the pole shift, there is a possibility that kudzu can be used by some to advantage. What if one built a house out of supported mud. This plant as it grows up around and over the house would tend to hold it together and camouflage it and provide food. Granted one might have to do a lot of constant trimming to allow for easy access.

With low light conditions I believe this plant will slow way down and have a hard time somewhat like the all the rest of the plants. I also believe where there is food there will be things that eat it. In other words if this grows at all after the pole shift due to change in climate in any particular place, I believe a natural balance will occur where it will attract things that eat it, and keep it under control. I somehow do not fear this plant in terms of long term damage to the environment. The pole shift will do far worse in mixing things up.

If one had this near a monolithic concrete dome. What can be predicted. It would cover it, giving it a nice camouflage appearance. Again the roots with time could tend to break it apart. This could start with any cracks left unrepaired after the pole shift. Do to the reinforcing in the concrete I believe this would take some long time. One would need to keep it from climbing any windmill towers and frequently clear a path to access the dome. The constant maintenance and grooming would be there to guide it in the right direction, away from things that should not be covered. Much of this could be done with the help of livestock or other plant eating animals.

If one really fears it one can make a monolithic dome for growing it only and keep it inside. Giving it only enough light to grow as much as one needs at the time. Will it grow an take over the whole county? I doubt it. A natural balance will be established at some point. I am no expert on this subject. Should we fear it or use it?

Offered by Mike.