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Diatomaceous Earth is the hard shells of sea creatures. These shells have sharp edges and tend to tear an insect up from the inside out. Diatomaceous Earth is not harmful to humans or other large animals because they can not do enough damage in our mostly liquid bodies to harm us. Mellingers sell 50 lbs. of Diatomaceous Earth for $25.95 as well as many other gardening goodies!

Offered by Roger.

When Diatomaceous Earth is sprinkled on the ground, on an ant mount, or mixed with grains, legumes, etc., it slices and dices the insects that walk through it. If you're planning to can or bucketize your own food, mixing in a cup of Diatomaceous Earth will help keep it pest-free. And it won't hurt you when you ingest it, 'cause the 'sharp pieces' are too small to cut you, you lucky guy. (In fact, many farmers deliberately mix Diatomaceous Earth with animal feed to kill internal parasites in farm animals. The Diatomaceous Earth in the animal feces even kills the fly maggots that invariably appear in the patties.)

Scientists estimate that there may be as many as 12,000 species of Diatoms, each identifiable by their delicate, ornate shells. Diatoms are a dominant species of phytoplankton, ... This fine, crumbly substance is used in insulating materials, abrasives, ceramics, and in filtering and filling materials. More than 270,000 metric tons of it are extracted annually from a quarry near Lompoc, California.

Diatomaceous Earth comes in at least two grades: Horticultural Grade and Food Grade. It's important to use only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth if you're using it to store grains. If you want to use it on plants, don't get any on the flowers. It'll slice up the few honeybees we have left. And I don't recommend incorporating mass quantities into the soil. Earthworms are good things: You don't want to hurt them until you put 'em on your fishhook. Diatomaceous Earth is also effective against fleas, but again, take care not to let your pet breathe it.

Diatomaceous earth has both a drying and irritating effect on many insects, including ants, roaches, fleas, snails, and slugs. It is composed of the skeletons of sea diatoms. Horticultural grade. Stock #381049 2 lb. bag $4.95 (2 lb.)

So, how many Pounds do you want?

5 lbs(BPx)$10.00
10 lbs(BP6)$16.00
50 lbs(BP7)$27.50

Offered by Mike.

There is quite an impressive List of uses for diatomaceous earth, among the ones we already know. It seems to do everything from genetic engineering to flea powder to water purification to colon cleansing.

Offered by Pat.

OSHA: Diatomaceous Earth: A soft siliceous solid composed of skeletons of small prehistoric aquatic plants. Contains primarily silica. Silica: Group 3, not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Amorphous Silica)

Glossary: Diatomaceous Earth: An earthy deposit of fine, grayish, siliceous material composed chiefly or wholly of the remains of Diatoms. It may occur as a powder or as a porous, rigid material. (terre de diatomées)

Diatomaceous Earth for dog's fleas: Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, non-chemical product. It appears to be a powder, but it is actually razor-sharp crystals to fleas. It blocks and cuts the Fleas' Gills, and they die.