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I recently sent off for information regarding the Hydra-Drill 2000. It is offered by DeepRock out of Opelika, AL (address: P.O. Box 1, Opelika, AL 36803-0001). The Hydra-Drill is a one-person water well drilling unit. The end result is a 2 inch diameter well that can be up to 200 feet deep and will easily supply the water needs of a small group of neighbors. It is completely portable and can be hand carried (several trips I would imagine) into remote areas. I have the brochures and ordering information.

The drilling rig alone costs$997
Drill stems (10 5-foot sections) $188
Well casing (10 5-foot sections) $55
Well screen$75
Drill bits (complete package of 5)$199
Well drilling pump* (for areas where a pressurized water source is unavailable)$458
Drilling additive* (for drilling through sand or gravel)$69
* optional items

Of course you will need a deep well pump to draw the water once the well it drilled. You can buy one from DeepRock (they didn't include prices) or locally. With purchase of the drilling rig, you receive a handbook with complete instructions on how to locate water and how to drill the well. They also have a toll-free consultant line and will give advice on drilling your well or any other information you may need. They have a limited warranty of 6 months for free replacement of defective parts. If you order more drill stems, bits or casings than needed, you can return the unused quantities for a refund within 90 days! They also have a bit sharpening and/or trade-in program. Sounds great! Their phone number for ordering or questions is 1-800-633-8774

Offered by Roger.

I have personally used this rig to help drill 3 wells; all of which were good producers. It IS a lot of work and it really does help to have a couple people to help out. Just how much work depends on how much rock you have to drill through. A friend in Biloxi MS just drilled a well with it this summer with very little help. He hit good water a little over a hundred feet in about 2 days. That is the exception though as he had nothing to drill through but sand. the drill bit ended up with hardly any wear at all. On the other hand, the two wells I helped with in Oklahoma took weeks each (working weekends) and required rebuilding the bit 3 or 4 times.

Offered by Ron.