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An alternative to growing outdoors for the first few years. Once one has survived the pole shift with a sturdy but small survival quarters. One could build a cheap steel building or green house to cover the growing area. Could be plastic tarp over several domes built out of steel conduit or wood. Could be a commercial steel building built from parts stored and assembled after the pole shift. An example would be Steelmaster, 1-800-527-4044. Current costs are about $3.21 to $9.31 per sq. ft. Depending on style and whether it is open or closed at the ends.

The issue remains as to how best protect fertile soil from toxic ash-water until a building can be assembled. Tarp on ground first, then bagged earth in water proof sturdy bags placed on top, then cover with more earth. This constructed or placed so as to have natural wind breaks around it or the whole thing below ground level. Edges of tarp are put as deep in the ground as practical. This could be one possible way to protect the soil below the tarp and in the bags. Not sure how well it would work. It would be lots of work. I think just a tarp with lots of dirt on it would most probably blow away. A corner of the tarp caught in the wind and the whole thing is gone. A reminder: many areas of ground will probably liquefy under the heavy, relatively long earthquake shaking. This will need to be taken into account when choosing a site.

Offered by Mike.