Auszüge aus den GLP-Sitzungen von Januar bis April 2008:

5.Januar 2008:

Wie können wir die Leute über die Passage informieren?
Seelen erinnern sich an vergangene Polsprünge

12.Januar 2008:

Kriegsrecht noch möglich in den USA?
Passiert der Polsprung dieses Trimester?
Was, wenn die Elite das Datum wüßte
Rötliches Leuchten weltweit
Unruhen/Aufstände in den letzten Wochen
Aliens mischen sich nicht ein/Erde ist unser Schulhaus
Wann wird die zweite Sonne wieder erscheinen?
Rassenunruhen, wenn die Systeme zusammenbrechen

26.Januar 2008:

Was ist der Nutzen des Übergangs in die 4.Dichte, wenn die Menschheit fast ausstirbt?
Wann erfolgt die Enthüllung von Außerirdischen und klassifizierten Dokumenten?
Jesus und materielle Güter
Roter Staub in Europa
Mehr Freiheiten nach dem Polsprung?
Worüber dürfen die Medien nicht berichten?

16.Februar 2008:

Werden die Truppen aus dem Irak heimgeholt, bevor der nächste US-Präsident antritt?
Gibt es physischen Kontakt zwischen Menschen und anderen Wesen vor dem Polsprung?

23.Februar 2008:

Wenn die Leute einen Vorrat an Nahrung, Wasser und Samen haben, was sollen sie als Nächstes tun?
Wie verhält sich Wasser, wenn ein See beim Polsprung ausgegossen wird?

1.März 2008:

Anstieg der Flüsse und des Meeresspiegels nach dem Polsprung

22.März 2008:

Erwachen der Menschheit beim Polsprung/Aussortierung der Seelen

Polsprung dieses Trimester? Sichtbarkeit von Planet X vor dem Polsprung
Welches Wetter können wir diesen Frühling und Sommer erwarten?
Auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, wie verschlimmern sich 2008 die Erdveränderungen?

29.März 2008:

Die entspannte Haltung der Zetas zum Datum/Kein Polsprung im Jahr 2008
Virginia Beach/Edgar Cayce adressierte die Tage vor dem Polsprung

19.April 2008: (auf deutsch)

Wie das Peitschen des Schweifes und die Feuerstürme überleben?
Details zur Phase zwischen Sonnenaufgang im Westen und angehaltener Rotation

5.Januar 2008:

I often ask myself what else can we do to inform the people of the coming Passage, other than using the internet and trying to convince our families and friends that we're not here to frighten them but to warn them. Many of them don't believe us, it's an endless fight. How can we help people understand what's ahead of us? Can the Zetas help us, counsel us?

We are asked this question almost daily, via email to Nancy, and thousands of times daily during contact with our contactees. They are in pain, unable to get family and friends to take the signs seriously, to explore the message that we and others provide, and thus they fear their family and friends will be utterly unprepared on all levels when the time comes. Of course, most often this will be the case. As we have explained, those who cannot deal with the reality of what is happening will deny, and denial will increase as the signs get stronger. This will rise to the point of absurdity, where when the Earth has stopped rotating a mother will be baking a birthday cake for a child, as though things were normal. Some who act in denial are simply holding back the dam, and when the dam breaks and they can no longer deny what is happening, they will become sudden advocates and very active in preparations. Both these individual reactions look similar, so there is no advice we can give you on how to discern which is which. All you can do is prepare, personally, and on occasion point out a factual basis for your concern. Earth changes are a great basis for discussion, and geological changes in the past are proof that such cataclysmic changes do happen to planet Earth. Don't push too hard, as this will only harden denial when it is present. A soft approach often works better in this regard.

Has many people who are willing to drastic changes in their lives in those seasons. This would be on account of the events are coming? By knowing that their souls are knowing that their bodies could die? Excuse my English, is bad.

Many people have soul knowledge of past pole shifts, yes. They have lived through them, and remember the signs that preceded the great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. They have definite awareness on what caused their own death, and if they survived, what the factors where that made the difference in their survival and those who were, perhaps, washed away in a flood. Many people, listening to their soul warnings, are instinctively moving away from coastlines, and becoming survivalists, growing their own food or at least learning how to do this. They may not be consciously aware of why they are taking these actions, or may simply be having nightmares that motivate them, such as flood nightmares if they are continuing to live along coastlines.

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12.Januar 2008:

Is martial law still a possibility in America? I am still a little confused how it would be maintained for any length of time in the rural areas where most people are well armed and antagonistic to government anyway.

We have stated that martial law is unlikely to occur in the US because the citizenry is so used to freedom that they would not cooperate for long. By this, we mean days. Citizens would sit home and fear being out on the streets, and all work would come to a halt. Schools would not be attended, utilities not maintained, and unless escorted to work by armed guards, emergency work would not be attended to either. Knowing this, the Bush administration is loathe to call martial law too early. However, this past year, seeing their fortunes falling rapidly, Bush did try to declare martial law via the Emergency Action Network, and the fire in Cheney's official offices at the Executive Office Building was done to destroy a phone network he had established there for a second such attempt. Bush and Cheney are being blocked, effectively, from declaring martial law. This all is in the hands of man, and could go in many directions, as we have stated, so predictions cannot be made with certainty.

Is the pole shift going to happen during this magnetic trimster? Iit doesnt seem violent enough.

We have stated that the last weeks will occur within a magnetic trimester. The current trimester started at the end of December and lasts until the end of April. The last weeks include, counting backwards, a week of rotation stoppage, some weeks of rotation slowing, 6 days of sunrise west, 3 days of darkness, a lean to the left, and a severe wobble. We also predicted that emergency management teams would be so exhausted that at the state and local level they would not be listening to the Bush White House regardless of what they say. We did not specify where in the timeline such a situation might exist, so there may be overlap with the last weeks, or there may not be overlap so that this point occurrs before the last weeks. It is up to you to count how many days are involved in the last weeks or to watch the signs. We will say this. You will not be taken by surprise.

I'm not asking for a date of the Passage of Nibiru since I know you're not going to tell one, and I respect that. But let me point out a thing: you said that telling a date would mean helping the elite to fulfill their evil plans towards humanity, imposing martial law, blocking the roads etc., but they already monitor the sky everyday (that's what the ISS is all about, for example). They watch Nibiru as it approaches the Earth and are able to determine a probable period for the pole shift, even without a Zeta warning. So hiding the date is more damaging to the populace than to the establishment, am I wrong?

If the elite knew a date certain, they would and could call martial law effectively. We are not speaking only of the US here, but many countries where those in charge of the government wish to kill many of their citizens. The elite in Indonesia, for instance, have little regard for their citizens. It is not true that the US knows when the pole shift is about to happen. They can approximate the distance of Planet X from Earth and the distance from the Sun, but many maneuvers will occur before the last weeks. Currently, Planet X is almost directly between the Earth and Sun, moving only slightly to the right in the view from Earth because Earth is trying to evade the Christmas Hammer. But as we have detailed early in the ZetaTalk saga, the point of passage during the pole shift places Planet X much more to the right. NASA does not know what the factors are in this dance, and can only surmise. And they are surmising badly, we might add.

I wanted to ask, is the increasing and decreasing nature of the reddish glow/hue that permates the cloud cover at night, as is being reported worldwide, due to the wafting nature of the tail?

Red dust was present in 2003 when the tail of Planet X wafted past the Sun toward Earth, and has returned. What was present in 2003 and present today is but a light dusting, on occasion, here and there. If the red dust becomes too obvious, the establishment will have documentaries on how volcanic activity can bring red sunsets.

When the final weeks arrive and Nibiru will be clearly visible in the sky, large as our Sun, will the cover-up fall down and the true nature of the event be exposed to the people through the media? Do you see riots in the cities, panic, chaos or a little more justice throughout the world?

We have predicted that the last weeks will not entail riots, though this is what the establishment fears. Those who are strong enough that they do not need to deny what they can see will either make preparations for their families, move them to safety and the like, or if trapped will say loving goodbyes. Those in denial, who are often in the majority, will try to continue their jobs and tasks as though nothing were wrong. Shrill arguments may ensue between these groups, until those trying to prepare and take steps for safety simply leave those in denial to their self-chosen state. Of course there will be those who will loot what has been left behind or in stores, but they will be ignored by the police who will themselves be trying to think of their families or wandering around in shock. We have stated that we estimate 43% of humanity will be going insane to some degree. This too is a factor. Insane people do not riot. They sit and stare or plunge into frantic activity or argue with imaginary beings. They also can get despondent and commit suicide, taking their loved ones with them. These times will be a challenge for all!

The history of humans shows alien interaction, and yet aliens state that they can not interfere with humans on this planet. From technology to knowledge of languages, writing, mathematics, agriculture, and religions, they've certainly interfered. If aliens want to help us, why don't they just reveal themselves to the public? Why the deception and secrecy?

Does your teacher interfere with your high school exams by telling you the answers? You are in school to learn, and part of this learning process is to live with your mistakes, to learn the outcome of your mistakes. Earth is a spiritual schoolhouse, where you are to learn by your actions and migrate, spiritually, to either the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self spiritual orientation. We have stated, endlessly, that we are not your parents! We are allowed to counsel you but not to interfere. We are not here to rescue you, but must allow you to make your own mistakes and take action as you see fit!

Can the Zetas give us a date for when the Second Sun will reappear ? This does not give any clues as to the timing of the shift so they shouldn't have a problem with this .

We have often explained that we wish to keep the establishment off kilter, so that the cover-up breaks. What importance is this detail to you? Minor importance, compared to what the establishment would do with this information. They would have a handy explanation in the media, timed with the emergence of the Second Sun. We wish for these anticipated events, and others the establishment has not even though of as yet, to be a surprise!

What do the Zetas have to say about the racial calamity that will inevitably unfold once systems really start breaking down in the US - i.e. prolonged periods without electricity due to extreme weather or earth changes? Seems this is a ticking time bomb as the Mexicans and blacks are filled with hatred for whites and would love a situation of lawlessness to descend into total anarchy. I don't see the Zetas address racial issues much and am really interested in what they have to say on this.

When people anticipate a time when the grid will be down, phones down, roads torn up so that travel is virtually impossible unless on foot, they imagine reactions to this setup as though nothing in the lives of the common man had changed except the disruption. The police and military will be afflicted with their own internal worries. Orders will be given and not acted upon. Posts will be deserted. Gut wrenching fear will afflict many, who will react by running, frantically, or becoming despondent. If someone is not reacting with concern for their person, they will be reacting with concern for their families. Do you think a Hispanic family man is going to take the opportunity to go shoot his boss, or will he save his family? If hatred were that strong to begin with, it would have been acted upon before this point in time. Each individual, and each family, will be beset by anxiety. If hostilities break out, it will be over blocked roads, or a refusal to help when requested. A car out of gas with the owner just sitting in the drivers seat, catatonic. Steps to be taken might be to share gas or push the car out of the way, or to attack the driver. These settings have nothing to do with race, but with panic.

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26.Januar 2008:

Many individuals are making preparations to survive the shift or to help loved ones survive. Apart from the desire to keep loved ones from suffering or death, can the zetas speak to any long term greater good this activity will support? As the zetas have stated that mankind will largely die out and be replaced by hybrids on earth, what are the larger benefits to the transition to 4th density that the remnant humans that survive will contribute to? Is it just that the transition to hybrids must necessarily be gradual over generations and this is the value to this process that the human survivors will bring?

If you were transporting a group of humans to a world where they would eventually die out, for various reasons, would you fail to suggest to them how they might reduce suffering and agony because of this? Love should prevail. Death is the end result, as it has been for eons, but this has not meant that mankind did not try to improve their lot, or that those of good heart did not try to reduce suffering in their fellow man. What kind of logic is it to say that suffering should be endured because the end result would be no different? What does prevail is what the soul remembers, and if it remembers that it delivered comfort, and was comforted, that memory is worth fighting for.

When will disclosure happen on Earth of extraterrestrial beings along with release of all classified documents relating?

We predicted at the start of ZetaTalk that sightings would be on the increase, and they have increased. We predicted that mass sightings would increase, and they have. We predicted that sightings of alien bodies would be on the increase, and this has occurred. We predicted that videos and photos of UFO's would become increasingly available with good resolution, not ruined by some means or another as in the past, and this likewise has occurred. The major media is now reporting these incidences, allowing the public to see the videos and photos and hear the full reports of the witnesses, where formerly not dome. That there is a weak protest from some government agency, some weak excuse of what it might be, should be ignored. The public is not fooled. Classified documents will never be released, unless discovered blowing in the wind after the pole shift. But you don't need these to be released to know the truth.

In the whole kindergarten scenario you have mentioned how does the Jesus "poverty will save you" thing work. I think poverty totally sucks. Like could there be a reason beyond "all suits are aresholes" that so many on planet earth are "without"

The message of Jesus was not to desire material goods more than caring for your neighbor. If the community can all become comfortable, where all enjoy all they need and have many luxury items - fine. There was no rule against this! It is not the material goods that are evil, it is gaining them on the backs of others that is the problem.

The red dust reported in Europe,is being blamed On Sand from the Arabian desert. But the weatherman said red dust is not in line with UK.

Dust from the Sahara has been blamed for red dust in Europe and the Americas over the past few years, but this phenomena only seems to have occurred since 2003 when Planet X arrived in the vicinity. More red dust will be arriving, and in places dust from the Sahara can't reach. Siberia had orange snow with an iron oxide concentration, but all this was basically ignored in the media. Red dust will continue to be a problem for the establishment, and increasingly so.

Would we have more or less freedoms after the pole shift than we have now, in regard to all the laws, rules and regulations imposed on us by authority or even by ETs themselves once "open" contact is made?

Laws will be ignored during the chaos of the pole shift, such that looting in order to save or feed people will be considered an act of caring, not in light of whether it is breaking the law or not. Many Service-to-Self gangs will of course consider the chaos a great opportunity, as the police or marshals can hardly chase them, but vigilante justice will rise up to fill the void. Those communities that are good hearted will not need rules, as they will be guided by their mutual concern for each other. Those communities that are heavily laced with survivors in the Service-to-Self will try to establish a pecking order, rule by the strong rather than rule by law and justice.

Last week it was stated that the media's been covering an abnormal amount of time on the Presidentials candidates because they have been told to not report on much. Can the Zeta's inform us of the kinds of things they are not being allowed to talk about that is going on?

Examples are the existence of Planet X, any sightings of Planet X components in the sky, the Earth wobble, the Moon's erratic orbit, the location of the rising and setting Sun, how much the weather is varying from the past, how badly things are going in Iraq, the true unemployment in the US, the true extent of the national debt, how the US is funding their debt by simply printing money like a banana republic, the alien presence, the coverup over the alien presence, and criminal activity in the White House. These are a short list.

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16.Februar 2008:
Will we see the troops in Iraq be brought back before the next President comes into office?

If we answered this, we would be giving clues as to the timing of coming Earth changes. This we are not allowed to do. We have stated that the Arabian Plate would turn in place so that the tip of this plate would tear through the oil fields of Iraq. This would turn Iraq into a holocaust, driving the troops home without question. We are not allowed to tell you when these disasters are to begin. Beyond these statements, we have stated that the Earth changes would bring the troops home, as they would be needed at home because of local disasters within the US. This again would give a clue as to the timing of such disasters. Sorry, but we cannot give clues as to the timing of disasters.

Will there be physical conscious waking contact between humans and other beings before the shift?

In some locales, yes. The Awakening proceeds in accordance with how those affected by any contact will react. Where contact is welcomed and does not create undue anxiety, the pace is quickened. Where it created fear because the populace has been told the alien presence is evil, contact proceeds on an individual basis.

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23.Februar 2008:

If people have supply of food, water, heirloom seeds, fruit trees, etc., what should they do next? Should they pay off their mortgage, or work on something else?

This is a personal matter. Compute the number of households in the world, and ask what each head of household should be doing at the moment! No answer would cover the diversity. There are personal agendas - such as a desire to move lock, stock, and barrel to a safe location only at the last minute to a desire to bugout at the earliest possible moment with only a few personal possessions. Some individuals want to be solidly in their safe location with fruit and nut trees planted and herds and flocks installed well ahead of time. Others plan to merely escape and thrown themselves on the mercy of strangers along the way. Some have a profession or trade that allows them to migrate easily, while others could not find employment so feel they must wait. The choice is up to you, in any case. And we would not direct your activities.

Recognizing that many factors bear on water flow from their basins, in general is there a formula one can use to determine the approximate distance water will spill from a lake during the passage, based upon water volume and inclination of the water travel? For example, if a 5 mile wide valley extends 30 miles north of a lake containing 3 km³ of water, and raises a maximum of 100 feet on a steady incline, how far will the water travel assuming some buildings and trees will obstruct flow?

Much depends on how much the water is blocked. Tidal bore can astonish those who have not witnessed it, as they presume water could not climb. Water reacts to the path of least resistance before it, and the amount of pressure from the mass of water behind it. Analyze your terrain. Our general guide is to be 100 miles inland from a coast and 200 feet up above sea level. Our general guide for the Great Lakes is half that, 50 miles inland and 100 feet above lake level. Some regions deal with additional problems, such as a river backing up because a slosh from the lake or sea it empties into has caused tidal clash. Will the body of water you are concerned with drain well, or back up? In the case of Texas, which is flat land with little to stop a tidal wave, we have predicted the slosh will run inland for a great distance. Other areas have natural barriers so that tidal waves will climb and then recede instead of pushing inland. It depends! You must analyze your terrain.

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1.März 2008:

During the two years (after the pole shift), when the ice melts and water rises because of it, I know the water in the oceans will rise, but will the rivers? If you live in an area 600 ft above sea level, but only 10 miles from a river, would the river rise because of the extra water, or does that only apply to oceans? Yes, I know about the water slosh during the pole shift, but after that settles down, there will be a year or two before the ice completely melts.

The rising sea level will only affect coastlines. The rise occurs over a 2 year period after the shift to a height of 675 feet approximately. But as we have stated from the start of ZetaTalk, there will be drizzle and rain, at times seemingly continuously, for years after the pole shift. The pole shift itself tears away much of the atmosphere, so the clouds are low. For rivers or lakes to rise is dependent upon their drainage. Some drainage will change, be blocked, or empty into the rising oceans so the water backs up. You must compute your elevation to determine the likely outcome.

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22.März 2008:
During the shift, will human-kind experience an awakening? Will we shift into another dimension?

Several things are going on simultaneously. The Earth is scheduled for a Transformation, which entails only allowing those souls who are highly Service-to-Other to reincarnate on Earth while removing those souls who are highly Service-to-Self to prison planets and taking those souls who are undecided in their spiritual orientation to another world to continue their deliberations. This new planet is a water planet, and their next incarnation will be into a type of octopus. The Transformation is happening now, and will continue apace for about the next 100 years. Simultaneously the Earth is experiencing an Awakening to the alien presence. Mass sightings are increasing, more contactees are reaching out for contact with the aliens, and during the chaos of the pole shift conscious contact with benign aliens will occur to some extent. A switch to the next density, 4th density, will not occur until the inhabitants of Earth are almost 100% Service-to-Other, which requires many humans who will survive the pole shift to live out their lives and then leave the Earth for either a prison planet or their next home, the water planet.

So the pole shift won't happen during this current trimester? Not enough happening so I assume the next candidate would be the August trimester for a possible pole shift?

We have given enough description on the last weeks - the sequence and timing - to allow mankind to gauge the timing of the pole shift when the last weeks commence. Nancy has computed the whole sequence to be approximately 7 weeks, and this is accurate enough. That we have previously stated that the Planet X complex would be seen in the skies, undeniably, 7 weeks before the shift is another clue that this guess is not far off. We have stated that the pole shift would happen at the end of a magnetic trimester, at the end of an April, an August, or a December, approximately. Thus, for this particular trimester, it would be accurate to say that the pole shift will not happen at the end of this April. Correct.

If the Zetas wish to answer, what kind of weather (climate, geology, astronomy) can we expect this spring and going into summer?

We have predicted that the weather will get more extreme on all fronts. Temperature swings, extreme enough that it will seem that the seasons are blending into one another. Drought and deluge swings, which will switch about unexpectedly. Absolute unpredictability, so the weathermen throw their hands up. You can also expect an increased wobble, the stars not where expected and the Sun and Moon seemingly out of position. Earthquakes will increase in severity and frequency, but in particular the stretch zones will be active, silently adjusting and creating chaos in mankind's infrastructure.

On a scale of 1-10, from the level that the earth changes are today, how much "worse" will it get in 2008?

If you consider that you are perhaps between a 2 and a 3, it could be considered to rise to a 6 by the end of the year. 10 being the pole shift, of course. This is taking into consideration all Earth changes, such as weather, winds, floods, earthquakes and stretch zone accidents, and political and economic upheaval.

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29.März 2008:

The Zeta's have essentially said there will be no pole shift this year; however, previously the Zeta's have been very stingy with giving out any date related information. Is there any reason for this change in heart (I assume any update on the lean of Planet X is still out of the question)? Does the Democrats being favored to win the election have any bearing on this?

We have stated our reason for withholding a date. We are still not giving a date, but by some of our recent statements it can be inferred that 2008 is not the year. We stated that Obama would be good in a crisis, a good leader, and he could not possibly be in a leadership position until January 2009. We have likewise stated that on a scale of 1 to 10, 2008 might see us at a 6 in terms of earth changes and sociological chaos if at the current time we are at 2-3 in this scale. A pole shift in 2008 would have put us at a 10 by the end of 2008. Why are we more relaxed about this date related information? Because there is less likelihood that the US will be plunged into a martial law situation. Bush3 as the clone in charge is part of this reason. We have also stated to the Puppet Master and others that as they take steps to help the common man, take steps to inform the common man and the like, that they will get the information they seek. You could consider this payback for the Puppet Master's role in the Bush3 clone replacement, if you wish, as in part that's the reason for our being more relaxed about date related information.

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Virginia Beach would be one of the safest areas to live but I see that the state of Virginia is not listed in your safe areas. Could you comment please?

We have explained that the difference between our prophecy and others whom we have stated are valid prophets is often due to a difference in timing. We, in our descriptions, are describing the swatch of changes, from pre-pole shift through the pole shift to adjustments afterwards. For instance, during the week of rotation stoppage, water will flow from the equator to the poles, leaving much land off the East Coast of the US bare, no longer under water. Likewise the Caribbean. But when the pole shift happens, this water returns with a vengeance, drowning all who were lulled during the pre-shift days. Cayce was addressing the pre-shift days.

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19.April 2008:

Wie können wir das Peitschen des Schweifes von Planet X überleben? Wie können wir die Feuerstürme überleben, wenn wir keinen Unterschlupf in Bunkern, Kellern usw. kurz vor dem Polsprung nehmen können?

Anderes als eine Zunahme der Meteore und eines feinen roten Staubes wird es vor den letzten Wochen nicht viel Schweifpeitschen geben. Es ist in der Tat nach den 3 Tagen Dunkelheit und sich verlangsamender Rotation, daß solche Aktivität auftritt. Mit Sicherheit habt ihr Zeit, auf höheren Grund zu gelangen und zu einer Schlucht oder einem Graben dort, die weg von den Winden liegen, bevor die allerletzten Tage über euch kommen. Bunker sind nicht notwendig und tatsächlich gefährlich, weil sie zusammenbrechen und euch gefangen nehmen können. Die Wände von Kellern können ebenso kollabieren während des  gewaltsamen Taumelns durch die Erdbeben. Ein flacher Graben, mit einer Art feuersicheren Bedeckung darüber gezogen, erlaubt die größte Sicherheit. Er sollte nicht so tief sein, um Wände zu haben, die kollabieren werden. Eure Bedeckung sollte nicht so fest sein, daß ihr sie nicht anheben könnt, um zu entfliehen, sollte das notwendig sein. Erlaubt eine Flucht an beiden Enden und entlang des Grabens für extra Sicherheit. Der Graben stellt euch von dem Wind weg, und die Bedeckung verhindert, daß euch irgendein Feuersturm erreicht, bevor er ausbrennt. Das haben wir für Jahre vorgeschlagen, und unser Vorschlag hat sich nicht geändert.

Was wird die Erde während der Zwischenphase zwischen dem letzten Tag mit Sonnenaufgang im Westen und dem ersten Tag mit angehaltener Rotation tun? Könnten die Zetas bitte präzise sein?

Wir haben gesagt, daß diese Zeit Wochen sein wird, nicht Tage, doch wir weigern uns, die exakte Zahl der Wochen zu nennen. Die Gründe sind offensichtlich. Nach einem schweren Wackeln, wobei der Nordpol in die 3 Tage Dunkelheit wegkippt, und nachdem die Erde fast auf dem Kopf steht für 6 Tage Sonnenaufgang im Westen, bevor sie sich selbst richtet, werden jene, die nicht verrückt geworden sind, von der Notwendigkeit erfasst herauszufinden, was gerade passiert ist und was man dagegen tun kann. Es ist zu dieser Zeitperiode, wo viele versuchen werden, sich in Sicherheit zu begeben, denn die Küstenlinien werden unstabil sein mit herumtaumelnden Gezeiten bei so einem Überkippen, und das wird ein Hinweis über die relative Gefahr des Lebens an den Küsten im Allgemeinen sein.

Das ist keine Zeit, wenn Reisen wahrscheinlich blockiert wird, doch wenn die Regierung, entweder auf Bundes- oder Staatsebene, die exakte Zahl der Wochen und Tage wüßte, würden sie in der Lage sein, Reisebeschränkungen nach ihrem Willen zu manipulieren, statt dem Normalbürger Freiheit zu geben. Sogar mit einem Obama im Weißen Haus kann Fairness nicht garantiert werden. Beim Hurrikan Katrina wurden viele Brücken, die aus New Orleans heraus gingen, blockiert, weil lokale Gesetzeshüter reiche Nachbarschaften schützen wollten. Solche Blockaden werden nicht aufgestellt, wenn erwartet wird, daß sie für eine lange Zeit gebraucht werden, denn das ist unhaltbar. Doch wenn erwartet wird, daß sie für kurze Zeit gebraucht werden, würden sie aufgestellt werden. Deshalb lassen wir diese Zeitperiode unsicher.

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