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ZetaTalk: Apollo Logo
Note: written on Dec 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

It has recently come to light that NASA was obsessed with the constellation of Orion at the Apollo program's inception. In light of the recent discovery of Planet X homing in from this constellation, and in light of our assertions that this is indeed the path of the approach of the 12th Planet, does the adoption of the Apollo logo indicate early knowledge of the coming cataclysms? It does indeed, as long before the active search for Planet X there were undeniable perturbations in the outer planets which in essence solved the mystery of what the ancient legends told about the placement of the Great Pyramids. They knew of its certain approach, and much of the impetus behind the Apollo program, the rush to the Moon, was to gain mankind the ability to maneuver within this solar system, and at the very least to afford an escape route for the privileged few who would have access to such an escape.

With Apollo 13, those hoping to escape were given a firm message that such an avenue would not be possible. Nevertheless, the NASA logo points an incriminating finger at those who refused to give the general populace the knowledge they themselves held in privy, knowledge they still today withhold from the taxpayers who funded the Apollo flights.

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