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ZetaTalk: Bureaucrats
Note: written on Apr 15, 1999. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

In the best of times, bureaucrats wish to perpetuate their existence. These structures are erected in times of trouble, where bureaucrats are to assist. When they find that good times have returned and stability is in place and they are no longer needed, and they are in danger of cutbacks, they seek to perpetuate themselves. This has been much written about, how bureaucracies become self perpetuating, and actually turn a great deal of their resources into perpetuating themselves. Where there isn't a problem, they create one. They imagine one, and often because there are laws that give them a great deal of clout, so they exercise this. If you think this is a serious problem today, imagine what will happen in times when corporations are failing, markets are drying up and have become erratic, and crop shortages and transportation difficulties have emerged. All of this sheds back into bureaucrats who feed like a parasite on the normal functioning of society.

As they get desperate, they will get erratic. It takes a long time to smack their hands and set things aright. They may become like a giant amoebae, out of control, sliding to the right and to the left and slithering about, seeking to where it can feed itself. Bureaucrats have in the main taken government positions because it is secure, steady, and predictable. Where we're not saying that every government worker is of this nature, nevertheless, this is their predominant personality. Thus when changes such as erratic weather occur, they become unsettled, and their first thought is to re-engage their feelings of security, to nail it down. Therefore they can be very unpredictable. As the cataclysms approach, there will be some real horror stories. Our advice is not only to not look to the government, but to be very careful to stay out of their clutches or be pulled into any kind of government sponsored safety program, survival site, or community, as they are liable to be the worst hell.

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