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ZetaTalk: John, Jr.
Note: written on Aug 15, 1999

The unfortunate accident that plunged John, Jr. into the waves below was indeed not an accident in the normal sense. The small private plane faltered, plunging several thousand feet in seconds - sure death as those who arranged this accident knew would occur. The impact of a rapidly dropping plane shatters the plane, destroying mechanical evidence which would be the only clue to what actually had occurred. Why was John, Jr. targeted, when he was just a small boy, surely out of the loop, when his father’s suspicious death occurred?

The family talks, behind closed doors, the elders passing information down to younger members now and then. This younger Kennedy was noted for a certain rebelliousness, being unconventional and adventurous, and these traits doomed him. Those responsible for his father's death watch closely lest the secrets they have kept from the public leak out, and they surround the living Kennedys with spies who have infiltrated the households and families of the living Kennedys. Those who recently shared their knowledge with John, Jr. are living with a special grief, knowing they in essence caused his death, as such information was unlikely to rest easy in the hands of an offended and affectionate son.

What secrets were revealed to him, outside of what the public already has pieced together? Names and titles of those still living who were responsible for the death of President Kennedy, information that would allow researchers to find and link the missing pieces of the puzzle. These individuals would not be suspected, and thus the puzzle has remained fractured, the finger of guilt pointing always in the wrong direction! Thus, should the anger of the Kennedy's continue, unabated, the public can expect more such unfortunate accidents.

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