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ZetaTalk: Russian MJ12
Note: written on Sep 15, 1999

MJ12 as an organization exists only within the United States, but the US has used its relationships with other countries to extend its reach. Of course, such a matter as the alien presence being real, and the approach of the coming cataclysms, makes friends of enemies. Details were shared, without ever leaving any proof in foreign hands, so that allies and enemies alike were stunned and shaken, and thereafter cooperative with any plan. It has long been suspected that Russia and the US almost pretended to be enemies, so as to push an agenda that would save the Earth from alien invasion. This is true, but is more easily accomplished than would be imagined. It is not difficult, where a conflict exists, to continue it, as those in charge of continuing the conflict are kept ignorant. These are pawns, to be manipulated by those very high up, who know the larger truth.

Thus moneys were spent on military matters, which were a good cover for the work of saving the planet from a supposed alien invasion. This invasion of course could not occur, as anyone reading the Rules section of ZetaTalk would understand, but this has only recently been understood by those at the highest levels of the major powers in the world. Of course, in most countries so included in the inner circle of such knowledge, an organization similar to MJ12 would spring up, to handle and manage the programs. However, they do not have the alien contacts that MJ12 does, as they were not deemed as important in world influence as the US.

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