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ZetaTalk: Spin Control
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

Where those in power positions around the world, what we refer to as the establishment, are firmly determined not to have panic in the populace break out and will thus work to prevent any full disclosure of the coming pole shift, they cannot prevent or suppress all word of this. At some point, the excuses of Global Warming or solar cycles or a wobbling jet stream are too weak to explain utterly confused weather patterns and heightened volcanic activity. At some point, the worry over the rising price of food causes hard questions about steps the government will take, and the answers found oddly vague or the plan without substance. Has the government not noticed, or do they have plans not yet revealed? Those who have formerly been distracted will begin to look, and ask questions, and the establishment will find themselves in need of spin control. How to keep the public from being aware, yet answer the questions so as to settle alarm?

Absolute Denial
Absolute denial is a ploy often used, and most often first used, by liars. The philandering husband finds that absolute denial regarding questions about lipstick on his collar or that blond hair on his suit jacket settles the wife back into her role as laundress and housekeeper. She prefers not to know, and will accept his firm statement as a reassurance. Absolute denial requires two things in order to succeed - the liar and a desire to be comfortable, to return to the daily routine, in those being lied to. Thus, absolute denial is the first ploy that will be used by the establishment when faced with the need for spin control. There are no crop shortages, in fact there is a boom crop in this or that part of the world or country. There is no increase in the severity of storms, in fact history tells us that climatic swings have happened in the past, so this is normal and when averaged out over years or eons is not extreme. Those wanting the discomfort of anxiety removed will grasp at the reassurance with a sigh of relief.
Stay Tuned ...
The populace, busy with their life and seldom having an opportunity to lift their eyes to the horizon and think about what might be coming, relies on their government to do this for them and the media to inform them of such trends and plans. Given rising food prices or disasters such as floods and droughts, they are encouraged to feel certain that their government is taking steps. What they need, in order to continue in this facade, is reassurance. Thus, as matters get worse, going into the pole shift, the public can expect an increasing patter of announcements about studies, research, government programs, committees being formed, and all staffed by experts well known to the public or with impeccable credentials. Those wanting to get back to their busy life, relying on a parent figure to handle matters for them in the larger view, will make a note of this and put their worries aside. Someone else is handling this, I’ll just stay tuned.
As all trial lawyers know, one has only to create an element of doubt in the jurors' minds to counter the opposition’s statements. She was raped by Bruto there, and the doctors confirm sexual contact and bruises, but she has, as reported by Buddy here, been promiscuous and has a liking for rough sex. Any argument, or conclusion, can be countered by any statement casting doubt. If the oceans are rising, heating up from the bottom up, this is because of Global Warming, and as the average man knows that warm air in a room will melt ice cubes in a glass, he buys this. Unless one is highly logical and informed, with the capacity to balance and mentally entertain many factors at once, this argument flies. If Global Warming is the cause, then why increased volcanic activity, and is the increased temperature in the air enough to make the poles melt? The average person, however, will accept that the statement has opposition, has been countered, and put it out of their mind.
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