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ZetaTalk: Micro-Biologists
Note: written on May 15, 2002

After the Attack on American on 911, and the subsequent Anthrax mailings and murmurings about Small Pox by the US government, a number of scientists whose expertise was in microbiology were killed rather brutally - obvious assassinations. Unlike the normal elimination of those who might leak information, or provide assistance to the enemy, these deaths were outstanding in their brutality and obvious nature. Some were hacked to death, beaten, thrown off bridges, and almost none dying in a manner that might be termed natural. Why the brutality, and who was behind these murders?

To understand the reason for the message being given by the assassins, one must understand the background. Germ warfare has for many decades been a threat that great powers such as the US and Russia and those power hungry such as Iraq have used. It reared its head during the Gulf War in that Saddam was suspected of using germ warfare on his own people, the Kurds to the north, and in the south to punish rebellion. It reared its head when it was discovered that Russia had produced more Anthrax than reported and had buried it on an island vulnerable to land contact. It reared its head again during the Anthrax attacks following 911, and in the constant mutterings of the Bush Administration on the need for Small Pox vaccinations. Who is planning germ warfare, and what is the relationship of these obvious assassinations? Massive programs, like the ones in the US done by the CIA, in Russia, and Iraq, require more than labs and secrecy, they require expertise. Scientists are sworn into secrecy, and threatened with death if they divulge whom they have assisted.

The Gulf War was not only afflicted with germ warfare at the hand of Saddam, it also afflicted the American soldiers at the hand of the then President, George Bush. The Gulf War syndrome is not secret, nor is the manner in which the foot soldier was treated by the US Military. They were not sick, and it was not the fault of the Military, until years after proof was well in hand and the public incensed. What was the point of infecting their own soldiers? They were perfect test subjects, reporting regularly to the clinics in the US which gathered data, and would be unlikely to go elsewhere as their medical care was by the government. The illness was not to be fatal as much as debilitating, which it was. Chemtrails likewise are a study in how to make a populace sick, so it cannot demand services and food from its government. In this, the righteous US Government is the hand of evil, and the group in the Bush Administration has blood on their hands. But the story does not end there.

More than the handful of micro-biologists who died participated in development of germs combination for illness, debility, and elimination of an enemy or population. These were the ones who were noted to talk among themselves, on the phone, by mail, even via email, when the Anthrax attacks began. In that the CIA, in labs in the ultra-right Utah area, produced the Anthrax that was to bring down Democratic Senators and bring the Senate back into the Republican fold, they were particularly nervous about such leaks. It should be noted that no one has ever been brought to justice for these attacks against the Democratic Senators, even when the Anthrax source was known. Such is the alliance of the Bush Administration. Those micro-biologists who were killed, brutally, and in an obvious manner, were to be a warning to those they communicated with that they should not feel free to chatter. Did the CIA reach into Russia and the UK and other countries to assassinate? Yes, as they are skilled in posturing as simple business people or tourists or family members visiting. Thus, the reason the micro-biologists were killed was indeed because they knew about the programs, the intent, and were likely to talk. But it was also as a warning to others to continue assistance, with a tightly zipped mouth.

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