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ZetaTalk: Strongarm Tactics
Note: written during the July 27, 2002 IRC Session

As an example of the military being composed of humans, who crack and have their own agendas and needs, is a recent report on murders of wives of military in the US, in Fort Bragg. The military is considered like pawns, on a chess board, to be put out to be killed, the front line, not powerful and never questioning their position. Thus, they are often sent to their death and likewise killed if they object to this role. UN military assigned all over the world do not often perform well, though this is covered up to avoid political embarrassment. Peacekeeping missions have military personnel coming and going, with the press not privy to the reasons, and misbehavior in service people in foreign countries is also kept form the news as much as possible. Thus, the occasional rape, or drunken battery case, that does get into the news, is considered not outside of the crime reported in cities worldwide.

Consider that you do not get the full story, and such breakdown occurs more often than reported. Crimes in cities are faceless, make good press, and do not embarrass the elite. Crimes committed by military are considered a problem as the populace is to think of them as staunch, like pawns, not moving until directed to do so. Thus, when the truth starts coming out, that the military is far more unstable than the public suspects, it is a shock. Peacekeepers who stand back and take no action, or generals who only worry about being able to return home in one piece, are seldom revealed. Rape of citizens by visiting military is dampened, and the victims bought off. All to perpetuate the illusion that the elite have control. Expect more horror stories from cracks in the military, and the elite, as the times get more stressful.

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