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ZetaTalk: Iraq Obsession
Note: written during the Nov 9, 2002 IRC Session

Korea has the nukes, but is left to quiet consultation and no war mongering. It has no oil. India and Pakistan are squabbling at their borders, and both have nukes, but you don't hear about military exercises near them, as they don't have oil. Russia has nukes and poison gas and bioterrorism means, but is an ally, because to take their oil from them would be difficult. Countries in Africa that find they have some oil are run like dictatorships by US corporations, killing off villages that object without fear of prosecution. So what is the Bush administration, so snug with Enron, with a history in the oil industry and utter lack of ethics such as Harken Energy, Halliburton, after in Iraq? Oil.

Note: below added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Bush is constantly claiming they have numerous pieces of evidence that Iraq is lying, etc. None has been forthcoming, despite direct demands by the press, on live TV, to respond to this lack. What are they waiting for? Now would seem to be the time to produce their evidence, especially since Iraq has delivered their written document! Why no proof delivered? The reason is obvious. There is no such proof. Bush hoped that something would be discovered, that Saddam who reacts as he has in the past by refusing to allow inspections. That the palace would be off limits, that shooting at Iraq defenses during US and British overflights would stir some reaction from Iraq. None of this occurred, so the US is now left to defend their false claim. They will shuffle and lie, evade and change the subject, but not produce what they do not have.

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