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ZetaTalk: Travel Restrictions
Note: written during the Jan 7, 2003 IRC Session

Travel restrictions will likely be imposed by governments in response to migrations, but not until this occurs. Thus, this will vary by country, within country, and in truth is in place long before pole shift issues such as weather changes and increasing starvation occurred. The US has restrictions on immigration from Central America and Mexico, but wetbacks and illegal nannies employed in the US have been a long standing problem. North Korea is starving, the starving children among the populace creeping into China to raid fields and beg food ongoing for some years. This is controlled not by the Chinese, who themselves are starving, but by the North Koreans, who do not want the world to know of their state. Where sudden homelessness or joblessness is cared for in some manner in situ, at the site, there will be no migration and no travel restrictions.

An earthquake ravaged city, with tent cities placed on the perimeter and military to prevent looting, will find the majority of the populace in place, waiting for supper and not arguing with their military guards when told to return to their tents as there are looters afoot and they want the survivors to be safe. If a long time running until the shift, months, such a tent city will need to clear travel for those parties who have relatives or second homes elsewhere, and passes will be issued under the guise of a pass so the military will allow passage, not think the travelers looters. Where life goes on, unaffected by high tides or ravaged by weather or quakes, travel will in all likelihood be similar to today, to seek work or to visit relatives or whatever. There will be less travel, during hard times, for entertainment, as the airline industry has already noted. Thus, until the week going into the shift, when all controls are likely to be lifted due to distraction by those assigned to enforce the restrictions, any number of controls may be imposed, and suddenly, based on Earth changes. This is one reason to be in your chosen safe location early, and if not possible, to have valid excuses to be there should you need the excuse.

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