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ZetaTalk: Tagging Citizens
Note: written during the Mar 1, 2003 IRC Session

What is up with the new regulations on red/yellow/green tagging of all airline passengers in the US, is there any connection between this and FEMA red and blue lists? What criteria will they use to make the color assessments, criminal records, dissident groups, medical history, financial?
#zetatalk IRC

The US touts itself as being the strongest and best example of democracy in the world. This used to be the case, up until several decades ago when its strength was deemed a prize by those humans strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation, and takeovers began. One can trace this demise of democracy in the US back to post Hitler era, when the CIA was formed of former SS agents. Kissinger befriends Argentina during its purging of protesting citizens, and the CIA is hand in hand with corporate greed around the world. Toppling elected democracies around the world, instating their cronies as bosses in these countries, and all the while mouthing democratic ideals. Of course, the situation now is patently clear to all, with the takeover of the White House not by vote but by slight of hand in orders from the Republican courts to stop the counting. Now, bribery and coercion and the rule of the strong is in play, for the whole world to witness.

In many countries, repression of citizens, with class divisions, registration so no escape from one's lot, is the norm. India has so many classes they lose count, all rigid. In countries where class is determined by color, or race, there is no need to be carrying a card, as the color of one's skin suffices. But in the US, among the elite who now think of themselves as world rulers, kings in the Aftertime by virtue of the captured military might of the US commandeered by the Bush crowd, such distinctions among white people is not easy. Early attempts to tag all citizens with inserts, after 911, failed to capture the public's interest, with only a few pets and children so tagged. Even getting immunized has the public leery, with most not eager for inoculations so this means of poisoning the population seems remote. Martial Law is extreme, likely to bring about rebellion as the complaints about prisoners held on off-shore bases and tortured and erosion of civil liberties has demonstrated.

Thus, the elite in the US have brain-stormed as to a solution to sorting out the white population into desirables and undesirables, and have come up with a color coded system. It is simply not explained, to travelers, what the criteria are. They are supposed to assume this is akin to profiling by dress or race or body language done in the past, as to whom to search more thoroughly, or not. With the erosion of civil rights in the name of Patriotism, all electronic records, and they are more than the average citizen presumes exists, are to be pooled into the hands of the Homeland Security, where they will be used not to protect against terrorism but to prevent escape from doomed cities, to prevent migration of those deemed undesirable, and to sort out the best workers for the elite to rule over in the Aftertime, or so they presume. As with all such attempts by highly Service-to-Self humans during this Transformation period, their plans do not work out as planned. In all countries, by whatever means, these methods will not succeed but will be turned upon themselves. We do not detail the many methods whereby they are foiled, as to do so would play into their hands! Suffice it to say, it is not just that the Service-to-Self will be hindered in finding Service-to-Others survival groups, it is also that their plans will not succeed.

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