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ZetaTalk: Autopsy Tapes
Note: written on Sep 15, 1995

The Roswell film is a clever fake, done not by the CIA but by a commercial group hired by those in the government popularly known as MJ12, and done, not surprisingly, on good old USA soil. What was its intent? Of course it was to acclimate the public to the alien presence, the sight of alien bodies, the thought that humans and aliens have contact, the image of their government in contact - but reassuringly with the impression that humans have the upper hand. How could it not be so, when alien bodies are being cut apart by humans in white coats. And for those too frightened by this thought, whose hearts are beating, blood pressure rising, anxieties distracting them from the day's work - there are the doubts about the authenticity of the film, which will soon be strengthened as more and more skeptics come forward with Specifics. Ah, one can relax again, as it was just another fraud.

Will someone go to prison for having committed fraud? For what crime? Fraud must have monitory damages, and this has none. Fraud must have some sort of damages, and none will be forthcoming. What would be the claim? I was assured that aliens were real and then found they were not. Laughed right out of court. The perpetrator is expected to raise his decibels along with the skeptics, and is doing so right on call. All part of the plan. Of course the cameraman's story is hokum, and this is because the cameraman is hokum! As with Ray Santilli's story, the cameraman's story has been carefully staged and the search for the cameraman just props on the stage to make the cameraman's story somewhat credible. As we have stated, only one of four aliens survived, whom the government called EBE, and he was unconscious when recovered. Autopsies were performed on the other bodies, piecemeal and over time, and are still in fact being done on the frozen remains from time to time.

The body of the alien in the autopsy film, so human in appearance with few exceptions, was in fact a human. The differences noted were in some cases natural, in some augmented by plastic surgery, and in some cases faked. The base body was of a prepubescent girl who sickened and died in an institution for the retarded, and had long been a ward of the state. Retardation was caused by water on the brain, a condition that creates an enlarged head. The large eye sockets came with the package, but the eyes themselves were replaced by even larger orbs, the reason for the unblinking appearance due to the eyelids being stretched and incapable of closing. This girl was essentially a vegetable toward death, and was unable to consent or refuse treatment. Plastic surgery was performed in her last months to remove her navel and nipples, but the occurrence of six fingers and toes, a common recessive gene, was already present. This unfortunate youngster, abandoned essentially at birth and with multiple birth defects, had a physiological tendency to retain fat disproportionately in her abdomen.

For those who say these are too many peculiarities to occur in unison, we will point out that defects in fact do most often afflict the fetus in multiples. Genetic abnormalities most often result in spontaneous abortions, but where they do not, the surviving infant is ill formed and usually limps through a short life. Visit your institutions and find out, should you doubt. One problem triggers another, with heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, all malformed at once and the endocrine and nutritional systems askew. As for the organs, never seen clearly while being removed, these were substituted while all was a blur and in motion. How would it be that at an autopsy of such importance that a camera man would blur the image? Does he not understand how to operate his camera? Was he not chosen for his expertise? And if not, if he was inexperienced, why did he seem to have no learning curve in this regard?

All in all, however, we feel the autopsy film served its purpose, which was to set the populace to talking and thinking about the alien presence. The arguments about the authenticity of the film are evenly weighed, pro and con, and this causes the arguments to be all the more long lasting and heated. Just what the film makers wanted.

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