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ZetaTalk: SETI
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

The absurdity of the SETI premise has been mentioned long and loudly by many - that aliens would simply use radio signals, that aliens would wait for an invitation, that the UFOs sighted regularly in the skies should not at least be factored into the program. Of course those at the helm of the SETI project know how absurd the premise is, and of course they know the alien presence exists on their planet. They are all active members of the larger MJ12 organization, and in most cases have even met aliens and canvassed alien technology. Carl Sagan was simply a good actor, who was as is rumored offered his choice of several roles and chose skeptic. The government is leaving props for the truly anxious to cling to, and the scene of renowned scientists peering into the sky and hoping for a radio bleep makes a statement - the Earth has not yet been visited. The truly anxious can then ignore all the rest of the uproar as misguided. After all, Carl Sagan said so. How long will SETI keep it up? As long as there are anxious citizens nervously querying the agencies and as long as the US government can continue to function. The coming cataclysms will surely put an end to SETI, but we expect SETI to be issuing reassurance right up to the end.

Below added on July 29, 2006 during the GodlikeProduction Live radio show.

[Jun 29] One of the senior people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for Extraterrestrial project, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project that they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals.

SETI wants to get back in the news, on the front pages, and they've achieved it. How could they do this with the same old line that they were out there listening and listening? People were tired of hearing about that, they had to say, wait a minute, somebody's sending and that's the whole purpose of this news release. Are they really getting ET messages? As we said 10 years ago, aliens do not send messages in mysterious and coded ways by radio, they just zip right over by spaceship and have been here a heck of a long time - something your government doesn't want you to think about. So this is just keeping SETI alive as a disinformation op. That's what this was all about.

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