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ZetaTalk: Only the US
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

In spite of wild rumor to the contrary, no other governments outside of the United States have an agreement with alien groups.

The US was targeted early by ourselves for several reasons, but primarily because our hybrid program was to be based in the US. The US, as a melting pot, has a broader genetics pool than any other country. Where it has been reported that the US government granted us permission to abduct their citizenry, their permission was not required. The hybrid program is conducted with volunteers, and the US government is not consulted. Period. A secondary reason we desired an alliance with the US government was due to their position of leadership in the world, a position they still hold. The US is the signal democracy, which was assisted in its birth by many aliens in the Service-to-Others responding to The Call, and has more than met the expectations of those who assisted. Both the government and citizenry of the US expect leadership of themselves, and are tolerant and supportive of innovation because of this. The US is head and shoulders above the rest of the world in innovation, bar none. This environment was perceived by ourselves to be the most fruitful for Zeta/human alliances in Service-to-Others activities during the Transformation, and is meeting our expectations in this regard.

Thus, because we and others in the Service-to-Others wished an alliance with the US government, the Roswell incident was staged in order to initiate discussion. And it was because of our desire to contact the US government that those in the Service-to-Self rushed in to do their best to ruin our plans. Activities at Area 51 and Dulce are not our activities, but are the dying remnants of games by the Service-to-Self designed to drive a wedge between ourselves and the US government. They did not succeed, and the games are now in a mopping up phase, closing down. Those in the Service-to-Self have not contacted other governments because there was no party to spoil. It's as simple as that.

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