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ZetaTalk: NASA
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

Why does NASA, a supposedly independent organization, cooperate with MJ12 by failing to scrutinize the surface of Mars and the Moon, or at least failing to allow the American public to so scrutinize? NASA is not the same as MJ12. NASA is a separate entity. They of course are influenced by MJ12 who has members within the NASA hierarchy, but they function, just as the Post Office does, as separate from MJ12. But are they not a servant of the taxpayer, supported by American tax dollars as they are?

The myth that government is accountable to the people is disproved daily in the news, and organizations under contract to the government have even less accountability. Think of NASA as you do your neighbor or grocer. They try not to break the law or get caught at it when they do, but beyond that how they lead their lives has nothing to do with you. You, the taxpayer, are to be ignored and manipulated for their comfort and convenience. They worry not about you because you must pay your taxes and they have their hand firmly in the till. With this in mind, why would they lie?

Where NASA may not be accountable to the people, they are accountable to the Pentagon and the dollars it controls. Money talks. MJ12 is dominated by the military, a fact established from its inception. The same top military leaders that dominate MJ12 also dominate the Pentagon and its budget process. End of story.

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