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ZetaTalk: Crashed Ships
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

The public, hot on the trail of the physical evidence they were sure the government possessed, has long sought crashed ships. Some of them are rumored to be massive, requiring roads blocked in the dead of night and coordination between military and civilian forces to cart away in the dead of night. Are there stores of such ships, and how often do such wrecks occur? In fact, the military has no ships wrecked by aliens in their possession, outside of the Roswell crash, and all stories to the contrary are false. Stories of crashed alien space ships feed the sense of power and control that humans in leadership positions demand. In some cases these stories are invented by government servants to get those in power off their backs. Crashed ships diminish the alien presence, putting the skill and technology of aliens on a par with that of humans, who regularly crash planes and cars.

How would it be that aliens could cross the Universe yet not be able to putt about on your planet? Stories that alien ships cannot deal with radar or electro-magnetic pulses are nonsense. Do you not think these situations present themselves elsewhere in the Universe, or would not be anticipated by the aliens visiting Earth? Crashed alien ships have not and will not be presented to the public because they simply do not exist.

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