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ZetaTalk: Global Conspiracy
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Do the countries of the world cooperate with each other, because of the alien presence? Most certainly, as to do otherwise would be a statement that the alien presence does not affect them, where of course, it has an immense effect. Imagine yourself a ruler, whether an elected ruler or as a result of birthright. Whatever else this position of power brings in the form of perks, it also produces anxiety. Those in power don't want to lose their position, and the alien presence thus threatens all who hold a position of power. The establishment is afraid that they will be seen as impotent, and thus drop in stature in the eyes of those who look to them for protection and leadership. The military, in particular, is prone to this worry, as this is their job. Those at the helm of industry worry that all will collapse if their workers don't attend to their duties, and those who live off the inflated value of paper money in all its many forms worry that their house of cards will collapse if the future does not seem secure to the public.

Thus, a global conspiracy due to the threat of the alien presence occurs naturally. This innate conspiracy takes many forms, but up until recently has most certainly included suppression of chatter about UFO sightings, suppression of contactee reports to the point of eliminating them by eliminating the contactee, inserting a fear of cooperation with aliens by spreading falsehoods about their motives, and claiming a false alliance with aliens where alien technology or capabilities could be taken on by association. It is widely rumored that wars have been waged to distract the populace from the real action, and this is true. Since undeniable proof fell into the establishment's lap at Roswell, the focus on the superpowers has not been on the issues that fill the newspapers, but on how to maintain control. Nevertheless, the normal business of government and the normal priorities of the vast majority of mankind who is unaware of the real drama continues, as before. Thus, the global conspiracy is an undercurrent, at most.

Black budgets have been fed by means that the populace would find disgusting and disappointing - drug running and waging war so that the military industrial complex is flooded with funds, poorly audited. War has the added advantage of distracting the populace, as families worry about loved ones in combat, and when death and maiming are the threat, who looks for UFO stories in the news. Massive monitory scams have been perpetrated, such as the BCCI bank and its predecessors, all of which had the hand of the CIA firmly at the helm. These moneys were collected to launch a defense against the alien presence, to protect the elite from the effects of the pole shift they all knew was coming soon, and due to the secret nature of the operations, for the pleasure of those who knew that no one could audit them.

The global conspiracy runs today as before, with a difference. Where before the focus was on suppression of chatter about the alien presence, now this chatter is encouraged. Where before the focus was to deny that a pole shift was pending, now the populace is being encouraged to think that something is around the corner, whether due to global warming or a dropping jet stream or the possibility of meteors or simply holes in the ozone layer. Those in the know have determined that they cannot escape the pole shift, or deflect the alien presence or prevent mankind's awakening to the reality of either. Thus, they now fear panic in an unprepared public more than they fear an awakened public. Thus, the global conspiracy is now a conspiracy of deliberate leaks, information channels supported, and pole shift preparation by various segments of society. The establishment is well aware that a collapse of civilization will affect them more than those they currently look down on. If they can't escape, then they must stand and prepare.

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