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ZetaTalk: Illuminati

Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Where MJ12 and its tentacles into intelligence agencies and governments throughout the world and multinational corporations have tried to stay out of the public eye, the Illuminati have done the opposite. Their symbol, the single eye, is discovered so frequently that interest is raised, rather than suppressed. this is exactly what the Illuminati want, as they want the populace to feel manipulated, hopeless, left out of the loop, and that others more special and privileged are in control, in the know, and able to manipulate events in their favor. If this sounds like a Service-to-Self oriented organization, one designed to increase the hopelessness and fear that make emerging souls inclined toward the Service-to-Self orientation, that's because that is the basis of the Illuminati mission and the motive behind everything they do. The eye, a symbol taken from ancient times so as to imply an age-old organization, carries the implication of being all-seeing, never blinking, and thus all-knowing.

The populace reads rumors about Illuminati, reads the names of powerful and well placed persons supposedly in the Illuminati, finds these same persons increasingly in power and concludes, as was intended, that the rumors about the clout the Illuminati holds must be true. This was a well thought out fear campaign, with the moves in the game being played exactly as planned. Bear in mind that those in control of the Illuminati fear campaign are not those whose names appear as members on the lists leaked to the populace. The names on the lists are individuals being guided into power position by those able to manipulate such circumstances, and are individuals of great talent and promise so their planned ascension meets with little resistance. Thus where these names appear as Illuminati members, these individuals are not members of the Illuminati. Look at who is in a position to promote the ascention of these individuals, and who is standing behind those individuals with a gun pointed at their heads, to see who is conducting the Illuminati fear campaign.

Below written on Jul 29, 2005 for the bbsradio Radio show 'Who Runs the World'

Since we have described those who manipulate world events, based on their great wealth, as the Puppet Masters, does this mean the Puppet Masters are the Illuminati? No, though the Illuminati virtually worships the Puppet Masters, desires to be associated with this clout and influence, and thus often are used to further the Puppet Masters goals. The Illuminati are an old society, centuries old, and emerging in Europe naturally were composed of royalty, members of court in attendance to royalty, and organized religion which in those days were often so closely allied with royalty, as state religions, to be one and the same. Do the royalty of Europe run the world? Do the heads of organized religions, the Vatican, run the world? On what basis? It is wealth that runs the world, by the many means we have outlined, from purchasing cooperation from corporations, which they own, to assisting their Puppets into political power via their control of the media and assets to be used for bribery and coercion. The members of the Illuminati seek favors from the Puppet Master, and offer services, and in this regards act as a supplicant, not a master.

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