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ZetaTalk: Impossible Message
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

As the date of the next passage of the 12th Planet approaches, many in the establishment will be torn. Should they continue to suppress word of what is expected, or should they sound the alarm. Where many who enjoy a position of power and privilege simply want to prevent panic for their own comfort, there are likewise many who have agreed to suppress the truth only because the truth was not yet a certainty. Perhaps the large object approaching will be on an orbit that will cause it to turn away from the Solar System, or perhaps its path through the Solar System will be such that the Earth will be only slightly affected. To mankind, debating the measured orbit of the 12th Planet, these possibilities are as real, today, as the approach.

As time passes and the orbit of the 12th Planet clearly points to a passage close to the Sun, there will be panic even within the circles of those in the know as to whether this approaching monster comet will strike and destroy the Earth. All manner of speculation will ensue, the possibilities horrible and even irrational. Will the Earth be sent out of her orbit and on out into space? Will the Earth travel with this passing planet, as one of its moons? Will the Earth find itself on a new orbit around the Sun, in hotter or colder circumstances, and what will this mean for those trying to survive on her surface? Where history is a guide on how the Earth fares during a passage of the 12th Planet, there can always be a first time situation.

Thus those in the establishment who might want to alert the populace are torn. If they do give out a warning, just what would that warning be? The certainty of the passage and the orbit which history and our warning confirm will become more firm as the months and years pass. The major governments of the world, and we are speaking here of key members of the super powers, and captains of industry already have regular briefings on what the Hubble has viewed and recorded. The path of the 12th Planet continues to confirm our statements, made in private to these individuals just as we have made them public through ZetaTalk, so the angle and movement during the passage are more and more considered predictable.

At the point where many feel they know what will happen and when, what will those members of the establishment in anguish over their past silence do? They will dither and argue among themselves, until the final weeks, for the following reasons:

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