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Following this logic you might understand why cataclysm-victims will be unable to sleep in an ordinary fashion, everything in this future-out-of-the-ordinary situation is reflected in out-of-the-ordinary but still natural action. One builds a wall which equals the forces which one wishes to keep out, or in other words: For the cataclysms-victim extreme action is the only choice, and a healthy sign it therefor is. These extremities will look even more extreme to outsiders, so do understand the situation or any useful interaction may be fruitless. Remember that the wall which the cataclysms-victim has build are not against you but against the hurt of the reality of it all and it's horror that they experienced. Share what you know about what happened, then the victim might get motivated to start asking you themselves about what happened, and eventually this might prove a useful distraction and a healthy one. As the road to understanding is paved with experience(shared-) and information and leads to spiritual growth, a peace of mind. Those who have had this peace of mind since they can remember are the best guides for the victims, and those who travel the same road as the victim -or most recently did- serve as a helping hand by example and in sharing their experience(s).

Then, from that state on we can start to talk about the experiences with the cataclysm-victim, in an understanding and interactive way. This might be more easy than it seems to you as more often than not a cataclysms-victim is a fellow cataclysms-victim, and a touch of humanity is all it takes in most of the cases! Help means intimate contact on the mental level, a bond is made, this might be enough to scare some from helping, rather giving another volunteer the control. This is not bad, as long as you try to overcome this as one day you might be the only one that is left to help a stranger in dire need of assistance. But next to that reason it of course must not be the case that such a little step must keep you from helping someone, no matter your state of mind, no matter of there are other volunteers. Next to that we can reach for solutions like giving someone St. John's Wort, but that is just merely an AID, not a solution!

Offered by Michel.