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The Most Important Weather Balloon in History

For those unfamiliar with them, a weather balloon looks like a balloon with a sheet of tin foil hanging from it. In 1947, any soldier would have no problem identifying one, especially in Roswell, NM. There, they were launched everyday by the army. One July, a high ranking army official investigated the site of one that had crashed and somehow had mistaken it for a weather balloon. --Of course, the rest is history.
Why such a fuss over a weather balloon?
Let's suppose for a moment that the army was testing a top secret weapon in the New Mexico desert and it crashed in the desert. That would explain the obvious cover-up. But surely anything that was top secret in 1947 would be obsolete technology today. It is policy to release government documents and files concerning such secret weapons of the past.
Then why hasn't the government come clean?
The Roswell Incident was the first step in a process of desensitization. Over the years, the world has been gradually desensitized to the idea of an alien presence through abductions, sightings, crop circles, etc. But still, many refuse to accept the reality. There are others who neither deny nor accept. They ask simply "Why?"

No, Virginia, Santa is a Big Fat Fake.

Scenario: It is a turbulent time in history. Fear of nuclear war has gripped the nation and at the same time a secret government agency is operating under it's own authority. These select few are the ones that have been chosen to "deal" with matter concerning an alien presence, whom they are in constant contact with, and to keep it a secret from the rest of the world until they determine when not to. The President at the time is a man who feels this is information the world deserves to know. He plans to tell the public of this. The secret government cannot have this. The President is assassinated.
It all happened. Almost everyone knows about it but few know the whole story. It is referred to as the Kennedy Assassination. It would have remained a mystery if it weren't for the work of Bill Cooper. Mr. Cooper worked for the military and had Top Secret MAJC security clearance (higher than Top Secret). He felt this was information people needed to know. It felt he was risking his life by talking about it. Today, he lectures on the subject of JFK and the government's involvement with alien intelligence.
So why did they have to kill Kennedy? To come on television one night and say, "Good evening, this is your President. I'm here tonight to tell you that we are not alone in the universe. Aliens form outer space are among us. Goodnight and God bless America" would have caused mass hysteria and collapse of social institutions. This was not in the best interest of the public, according to MJ-12. An equivalent bombshell would be telling a child, "Santa is dead, the immaculate conception was actually performed by aliens, and don't put money on the Easter Bunny being real, either."

Little Grey Men and a Cosmic Toilet Bowl

Ancient Chinese Curse - "May you live in interesting times." Boy, those ancient Chinese dudes were right about EVERYTHING! The twentieth century is by far the most interesting time period in all of history...and it's not over yet. In man's past, the coming of a new millennia has often caused great anxiety, and for good reason. But what happened in the past is of little importance when compared to what is about to happen in the next few years. The Earth and humanity is about to undergo a transformation. This will be both a physical and spiritual change brought about by a pole shift. Every 4,000 years, the Earth's rotation stops, the continents are shooken up, and the poles change location. This is caused by a 12th planet in our solar system on a ~4,000 year elliptical orbit around the sun. The planet is huge and is pulling with great force on the Earth as you read this, causing the great increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. by heating the Earth's core.
This may sound extremely farfetched to some. But the proof is out there, it only need be heard. Take for instance the puzzling crop circles (and sand circles, snow circles, and ice circles). Perfect geometric patterns in fields of wheat - hundreds of meters longs with wheat woven, not broken. What is more extraordinary is that there are magnetic differences in the regions where these circles are formed. And even more, a few inches beneath the ground, the earth is scorched.
The term "circle" isn't even accurate any more. For having started out as circles, the designs have now evolved into complex geometric patterns. Such designs would take a team of men a whole day to construct one. But in the dark of night? Without a sound? Without footprints? Without breaking a single shaft? But how would they fake identical patterns in snow without leaving footprints? Or on frozen lakes with ice less than an inch thick?
These are the questions that crop circles are meant to raise. Furthermore, they speak to our subconscious. In a recent circle, the solar system is depicted, with the Earth's orbit missing.
There is so much that I could explain here, but I'd best leave that to the expert, Nancy. If you haven't already, visit her web page zetatalk and read more about it. But what is essential to know is that this impending catastrophe is part of the Earth's "plan". For in times of natural disasters, people are at their best. They do as much as possible to help others, thinking of others first and themselves last. Right now, humankind is at a crossroads. The problems of overpopulation, AIDS, pollution, etc. are out of the hands of man. There is little that can be done to solve these problems of the modern world. But soon, humanity will be "born again" into a new Earth, a new spiritual density - flushing the cosmic toilet, so to speak. This is part of the evolution of humankind. That is why the Zetas are here. They are helping us prepare for what is coming.
It would be easy to dismiss this as nonsense and go about our lives, laughing at such an idea. It would be convenient to say that the people saying these things and the people who claim to be abducted by aliens are crazy, looney. And that is what so many people have been doing. The first stage is denial. If one were to look at all the facts, it would be clear that what has been said is true. And when one does that, they become scared. Right now there's a whole generation of scared young people who see no hope for their future. What they do not know is that they will either perish in the pole shift or survive and live in the Aftertime - the new Earth. For those people who have had to deal with this issue of the pole shift, particularly the contactees, a common part of the process is depression. Anyone who has suffered from this "pre-distressed" state will tell you that they wish that - with all their hearts - all that they believed about the future was not true. They wish there was something out there to convince them "that everything was going to be OK". But that is not the case. If they find a way to deal with their depression (with therapy, antidepressants, etc) they come to the final stage - acceptance. They accept their future with an attitude that they can and will survive.
This is exactly what this page is about. And it's more than just a web page. Web pages are an excellent method of communication, as is the Internet as a whole. Aftertime Generation is a community of concerned, intelligent individuals. We are not wackos. No one should feel that they are crazy for believing in something they see to be true. You have two choices: you can either not believe it or believe it. For those that do believe, understand that you are not alone. There are thousands of people from all walks of life that have the same beliefs as yourself. For those who think that Aftertime Generation is a bunch of bullshit, I respect your opinions and your beliefs. And I appreciate you respecting mine. After all, you wouldn't harass or criticize someone who believed in God would you? I know I wouldn't. I understand what it means to believe in something without any substantial evidence. Many of my own beliefs are like that, it's just that I have evidence backing up one of them.
Aftertime Generation is a web page specifically for young adults. It is here for the sole purpose of communicating a supportive atmosphere and creating a community of like-minded people through the bandwidth.
-M.G. aka Pioneer

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