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ZetaTalk: Human Traits
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding desirable human traits. Human emotions are something we are including, along with many other characteristics. The list would be too long to include in its entirety, but we will mention a few. Your hair and soft skin, although we haven't had much luck with hair. Your desire for touch. The physical relationship of parents and caregivers to young, where nursing and holding and rocking are prevalent. We hope to include the ability to nurse, and are having luck with the desire to touch and hold. The sex drive is definitely included, and where this drive varies among our hybrids, this is in proportion to the variance among humans, we have found.

Intelligence has been increased, as has the ability to communicate telepathically. Curiosity and creativity have also been increased, as these are factors of intelligence. Introspection has been increased, as the tie between the conscious and subconscious has been strengthened. It will not be so easy to discount occurrences in the future, selectively forgetting them.

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