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David Booth

David Booth is on record for a precognition of a plane crash in 1979, having sensed the airline and plane type.

One of the worst air disasters in American history occurred in May 1979 at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, when an American Airlines DC-10 jet experienced engine problems just as it was lifting off the ground. The plane flipped over and exploded on the runway, killing all 271 of its passengers. As reported in an Associated Press story, David Booth (tonight's guest) had phoned-in a disturbing dream to the FAA three days before the crash. He had correctly named both the airline and the plane, and the type of crash.

This is his claim to fame. Based on this he has been on the 2004 talk show circuit talking about dreams of cataclysms he has recently had. From Booth´s web site:

You are now living in the most perilous time in modern mans history. At the same time that you ignore information such as this your own governments are preparing and warning YOU to do the same. If you do not start paying attention, seeking information and then acting upon it YOU are putting yourself and your family in peril. REMEMBER! We are not telling you this, YOUR own governments are!

For over 40 years researchers such as myself and Wayne Green have documented these times and what you can do to prepare yourself. For over 40 years the United States and other world governments have spent trillions of dollars in preparing for the years 2004-2008. Why?

Wherever you are in the world now as you´re reading this you can´t afford not to know the answer to that question. We here at WhatDoesItMean.Com coupled with our researchers spread all around the world are here to help you. You are NOT going to like what we have to tell you. You are NOT going to like what your governments are advising you to do. You are NOT going to like hearing the truth, but then again, you can´t afford NOT to know!

The next step is yours!

And from someone who listened to a broadcast:

Planet X is a misnomer... It has a name, Wormwood, Marduk... This planetary body will be accompanied by an entourage of other bodies... The time that we´re living in, beginning on June 8th, 2004, when Venus transits the sun will be a marker... TPTB won´t be able to cover up these events any more... I have never lied to you... Be scared, be afraid, be petrified; your own government is telling you this... The Pope visited with JFK´s wife for over 2 hours; she reported back to Kennedy the disturbing news of the 3rd Fatima secret; the week after that, JFK began the secret gvt and issued executive orders to put America on a war footing to prepare for a major disaster... We are in the final months of one of the greatest global transfers of military, industrial and intellectual might the world has ever seen... This cataclysmic tribulation is so awesome and frightening, that they have moved the power of the US off shore to allow the US as a concept to exist, without actually having a physical landmass... The world´s militaries are moving dramatically... Soviet military is warning of cataclysms... It´s apparent that in the next 6 to 8 weeks, 2 comets will become visible, and their tails will form a cross... Regarding timeline, can´t name exact date, but 2004 begins the time... An eight year cycle to 2012.

But Booth crashed and burned after announcing on C2C that he had indeed visited Sister Lucia, when no such visit is on record per the convent!

Noory said [Mar 20] the Producers called the Carmelites and they said that no one had been there in recent times to visit. He also said that Green and Booth would not be asked back to C2C, ever again. He expressed the opinion that they were hoaxing, and that they were out to make a buck, and that they came on the show with the intention to sell, rather than to inform. He also stated that they came on under false pretenses. Mr. Noory said that his staff called the convent in question. They (the convent) told his staff that sister Lucia is of rather delicate health and takes few visitors. In fact they do not belive she has had any visitors in the last few months.

 And Booth has been accused of plagarism:

As a webmaster of 4 years for the author Amitakh Stanford (D.M) of "Nibiru and the Anunnaki", I was one of the first to receive this article of which I posted shortly thereafter on September 11th 2002 to be precise. Now to see it reproduced almost in it´s entirety in David L. Booth´s "Code Red: The coming Destruction of America" I am shocked at the level of audacity of this fraudent liar who is posting under this forum under the pseudonym of "Anonymous Coward" which could´nt be a more appropriate if euphemistic label for one such as Booth. Also I have read Sitchin´s Twelfth Planet and can say beyond a doubt that there are absolutely no parallels between what Amitakh Stanford has written and the writings of others in fact her discussions of the theories of others such as Sitchin are merely that, and her views are in the main opposing to what others have written on this subject. Admit it Booth you are a Fraud and a coward, who cannot face the Truth now that you are exposed. You have made millions from your deceit and exploitation of those who are sincerely seeking Truth, and you KNOW it!

Justinn D McFadyen,

And on his (yet another) final interview on Rense.COM on April 12, this claims got more extraordinary. Is he an establishment shill? He admonishes all to read the Bible, and go to Homeland Security site for survival info.

- David has a relative in the same Portugese Carmelite convent as Sr. Lucia. He has gone there to visit for over 20 years.
- Claims to have lived in St. Petersburg, USSR, for 1 1/2 years studying Sitchen type topics.
- Wayne Green said David is a cousin to Fr. Malachi Martin.
- David claims to be a cousin of Pope John Paul the first who was murdered.
- He chauffered Clinton during a political visit to NH.
- The Antarctic: team of 6 Americans have built a major hiway that can carry major equipment. There are about 1200 atronomers there to set up the observatory with the scopes.
- Good site: - to prepare for what is coming.
- Invited by Mayan's for Venus Transit on June 8th.
- ET's have meddaled in all gov't except the US. They have never been able to penitrate the gov't of the US. They are all evil and there is no benefit to mankind.

Wherein Jeff Rense researched Booth plagarism and found his entire book Code Red to be plagarized!

So the scoundrels are being exposed. First Rayelan, now David Booth. Jeff Rense commissioned 2 respected research journalists to cross check and analyse key sentences and word combinations in Booths book Code Red. The results show that the bulk of the book had been plagiarised from many sources. All Booth did was grammaticly connect others data. A big cut and paste job. I read his online book last week and something didn´t ring true. There were obvious inconsistincies in the writing style. My suspicions have been backed up. The full article. Evidence.

An interview by Yowusa put this comment from Nancy, given to Yowusa via email at their request, to Wayne Green. After having stated early in the interview that Booth scrambled his message at the request of the State Department, Green denied that Booth, or he, could be CIA. Humm, but apparently cooperating with government agents.

Green: I think that there's some kind of an agreement on some level that he is not supposed to do talk radio other than that one last Rense show when he came on and said all kinds of confusing things to totally disturb the waters, I think so that he created a big distraction, he took people's mind of his vision, and off what's actually happening, the data that we're getting in on what's happening to the Earth. And they, ah, I think the purpose is to distract people from that and get them all wrapped up in this other nonsense.

Yowusa: .. and he's made agreements with parties unknown about what he can and cannot do. Who are these parties unknown?

Green: I think part of the deal is, he's not allowed to say ... we did hear him say something about two people from the State Department contacting him in Paris. This is where everything suddenly went crazy. ... The Patriot Act makes it so that they can put you in prison, and your family in prison, without a hearing, with no phone call, because of terrorism, if you frighten people.

Yowusa: I do have a bit of email, I want to get your opinion on this ..

About Booth, who is CIA and a fraud. His single claim to fame the airline crash,
and if that plane were to be taken DOWN by the CIA, a planned assassination so the
mechanical means was known, then this was a careful setup to posture him as a future psychic. wrote:

> One of our readers forwarded this link to us regarding an article on your site.
> ../index/zeta82.htm
> This is the result of an expose interivew on the affair by Wayne Green on our Cut
> to the Chase program.
> If you wish, please respond to and copy me as well.
> Regards,
> ..., Publisher

And a summary done in 2005, after the Booth incident had died down.

As many readers know, David Booth, a retired computer programmer hailing from New Hampshire USA, aroused much interest back in February on the Internet talk show circuit with the promotion of his book Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States 2004. The book was inspired from a consecutive ten day dream he claimed to experience last year, in which he saw a large sized planetary body pass close to Earth causing an explosion towards the end. This undoubtedly bears the hallmarks of the Planet X passage, although David was reluctant to designate it as such. His credibility and apparent integrity rested on his past track record of being the only worlds psychic to have an officially documented premonition before the event - one of Americas worst aviation disasters in 1979.

Davids web site publicised the book on a limited edition basis, which sceptics regarded as a sales pitch. Earlier in the year he was a guest on a number of prolific talk show interviews, including one with Jeff Rense who explicitly avoids discussing doomsday predictions. Complaints eventually sprung up that large tracts of the book were copied word for word from various published sources. These sources were mainly oriented to prophecy or a new age slant. David appeared again on the Jeff Rense show on 12th April to defend his position, outlining he had written the book in a month and had powerful contacts [in the US government] who were aware of an impending disaster in 2004. David declared the interview as his final appearance, and that he would more or less be stepping away into the shadows. Jeff Rense subsequently posted a number of articles on his website implying David was an intentional plagiarist, after receiving further emails proving Davids book was almost entirely plagiarised except for several connecting paragraphs. One of the major selling points of the book was based on his prophetic dream combined with privileged knowledge of government awareness. Thus the plagiarism cannot be easily defended as research when David was promoting it as his own confidentially acquired material. As of today David Booth has removed all material from his whatdoesitmean web site.

The question remains as to why Mr Booth decided to cobble a book quickly together without considering that astute readers might discover the original material on the internet and in books. The typical claim of financial gain may not be the motive as cynics usually suspect. Mr Booth professes to be a self made millionaire, and in any case there is not a great deal of money that can be garnered from selling calamity books, as they are not in the same league as, say, a Stephen King novel. So what was his motive, if not to gain short term fame and attention? We may never know. Some have speculated David is a government agent or New World Order fundamentalist! Perhaps he was briefed to divulge information about the coming cataclysms in a way that would cast doubt about his authenticity but still raise awareness of it in the public domain. Speculation, admittedly, and I see nothing wrong in speculating.